The whole globe consists of the oceans and severalcontinents, which, in turn, are divided into regions, countries and cities. The largest continent is Eurasia, here are the countries of Asia (and their capitals), Europe, which borders on Africa. There is also the North and South America, isolated Australia and Antarctica.

Countries in Asia: List

Asia is part of the world where practicallyhalf of the world's population, where there are countries with a high level of development, for example Japan (the capital city is Tokyo), and those where most people live below the poverty line.

countries in Asia: list

It is difficult to calculate how much for todaythere are countries in this part of the world, since not all of them are officially recognized, for example Taiwan, separated from China. However, Asia occupies an important place in the world economy, and industry and finance in China and Japan are among the largest.

Interesting about the countries of Asia

The whole of Asia is divided into 6 parts depending on the location: eastern, western, northern and southern, as well as central and south-eastern.

In total there are 48 countries, three of themunrecognized (Waziristan, located in Pakistan, the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic in Azerbaijan, the state of Shan in Myanmar). There are also Asian countries (and their capitals, respectively) that are recognized in part, and there are 6 such states:

  • Abkhazia (Sukhumi) in Georgia.
  • Azad Kashmir (Muzaffarabad) in India.
  • Taiwan (Taipei) in the People's Republic of China.
  • The State of Palestine (Ramallah) in Israel.
  • Northern Cyprus (Lefkosa) in Cyprus.
  • South Ossetia (Tskhinvali) in Georgia.

Separately it is worth noting that there are countries thatare located immediately in two parts of the world: they include Russia, as well as Kazakhstan and Turkey, which are located also in Europe, Indonesia, a large area of ​​which belongs to Oceania, and the countries of Yemen and Egypt (part of the territory belongs to Africa).

The largest countries in Asia

The countries of Asia and their capitals are located mainly ineastern hemisphere and are washed by three oceans: the Pacific, Indian and Northern Arctic. Countries occupy almost 30% of the entire territory of the world, there live almost 4 billion people.

The countries of Asia and their capital

The largest country is China(the main city is Beijing), which occupies about ten million square kilometers. In second place - India (Delhi), the area of ​​which - more than 3 million square meters. kilometers, and on the third - Kazakhstan (Astana) (about 3 million square kilometers).

The countries of Asia and their capitals are the largest andpopulation. China and India are in the lead. So, in China, there are almost 1.5 billion, and in India - 1.2 billion people. On the third place is Indonesia, but the number of inhabitants here is only 255 million people.

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