tattoo skull
Tattoo "skull" is one of the mostpopular and common today. There are a huge number of variations of this image, a dozen styles in which the skull is executed.

Meaning of tattoo

To date, the question of tattoos is not less thancontroversial, than before, the truth, now on sketchy pictures look from a different angle. If before tattoos were considered a sign of involvement in the criminal world or some sects, today the question is: what does tattoo mean for a person, and why does he or she stuff it? Everyone is free to decide for themselves what value he attaches to the drawing on his skin - and bravely defend his opinion. For example, a tattoo "skull": its meaning, at first glance, is quite unambiguous - the theme of death is fully revealed. However, the skull as part of the whole pattern can take a very different interpretation. Many regard this symbolism as life to the full - in other words, it is such a being, as if every day is the last. The tattoo "skull", if you look at it from a different angle, is an ancient sign of pirates - people without limitations and complexes, adventurers and strong in spirit, ready to break from a place at any moment and jerk towards a bright life.

tattoo skull value

Interesting and at the same time somewhat frighteningThe combination is a skull with a snake. However, its significance is the transience of time and the limited nature of life; and in Japan it is treated differently - as a symbol of success and wealth.

In short, what means a tattoo "skull", everyone decides for himself and it is such a mood and information "pawns" in the drawing on his body.

Tattoo Design

The skull is practically a classic of old-schooltattoos, an almost inseparable element of most sketches made in the style of old-school. These are the drawings, when besides the described element, ribbons, roses, anchors or wings are also depicted. But the tattoo "skull" in the style of new-cheekbones is distinguished by bright screaming colors, causing contrasts; sometimes the drawings are given some cartoonishness or symbolism (for example, eye sockets in the form of hearts). However, these are only possible options, which in fact there are innumerable numbers. And take a look at tattoos in the style of biomechanics: very malicious and aggressive at first glance. In addition, their realism is only emphasized by the presence in the figure of mechanical parts - wires, gears, chains, etc.

what does the tattoo of the skull mean?

If you pay attention to the tattoos "skull",made in the style of trash, then here, too, preference is given to a realistic image. Another option is a symbolic skull drawing with the help of only black color, without gray tones. To emphasize its aggressiveness, the trash style often uses bright red ink.

Bright Ideas

So, what does a "skull" tattoo mean to you? Try to abstract from the templates and present this element not as a symbol of death, but a cycle of life.

For example, it looks very interestinga figure from which a blooming tree grows; originality is emphasized by contrast: the skull is made in black and gray scale, while the tree is in color. In short, do not be afraid of what they say or think - stuff what is really important for you, and you will be happy and satisfied, realizing your dreams and tuning in positive.

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