Surely, every person has heard more than once thateyes - nothing more than a mirror of the soul. People have been doing eye tattoos on the body for a long time. In each nation they were given different meanings. For example, Africans considered this a symbol of intimidation, and Egyptians combined it with the concepts of invincibility and rebirth. The tattoo "eye" together with the sign of infinity was considered at all times a symbol of immortality.

eye tattoos

Tattoo as a guardian

Since ancient times, it was believed that the tattoo "eye" can become for each person a kind of amulet. It would protect against evil eye and spoilage.

There is a belief that through the pupils of the eyes in ourthe body falls and the soul. It is very important to protect the penetration and demons, which was possible, in the opinion of our ancestors. It was the tattoo "eye" that became a kind of barrier to this.

Egyptian Eye

In the modern world, one of the most popular tattoo "eyes" was precisely "Eye of Ra". It is a symbol of the power of the monarch, serves as a protective amulet.

It is necessary to understand that the "eye" (tattoo) meaninghis acquired is not accidental. One extraordinary Egyptian legend is associated with it. It tells of Horus, the god of Ancient Egypt with a falcon head. His parents were Osiris and Isis.

The appearance of God was rather unusual. His right eye symbolized the sun, and the left one symbolized the moon. When Gore's father died at the hands of one of his sons - Seth, Gore decided to avenge his death and left the fight as the winner, but lost his eye. He was assembled by He - the Egyptian god of wisdom. He handed it to Gore as an amulet, which later helped to resurrect Osiris.

eye tattoo value

Such a simple legend led to the fact that"Egyptian eye" (tattoo), meaning has acquired special. Now he is a symbol of healing and protection. It is interesting that in fact the meaning of this subject is much deeper than it might seem at first glance. It is a generalized reflection of human feelings and abilities that help to know the world. They include:

  • sense of smell;
  • thinking;
  • touch;
  • vision;
  • taste;
  • hearing.

Eye tattoo

Eye Tattoo Arrows

Along with tattoos, demand began toand tattooing. Its main advantage lies in the fact that the look of a woman becomes more vivid and expressive, and there is no need for regular application of makeup.

Eye tattoo "arrow" is useful in any life situations. Such makeup will not spoil from rain or wind, it will be useful on rest or in the pool, will allow to look feminine in the morning.

Of course, one must understand that such a procedure is not the cheapest pleasure. However, tattooing is held in front of more than 5 years, which will pay back the declared price in full.

Arrows for eye tattooing are the mostdemanded option. They allow you to transform beyond recognition any girl. There are many choices. It can be bright and thick hands, and can be gentle and neat. The color scheme is also quite diverse and includes all shades of black and brown. Color tattoo also begins to be in demand and popular. However, not all girls decide to make themselves a make-up of one color for five years.

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