Today, we'll talk about how to find traffic to"Megaphone". To get information on how much data was transmitted within a specific period of time is not at all difficult.


how to find traffic on a megaphone
If you are interested in traffic on Megafon, howto see it, the software will help you. It was created specifically for this purpose. Information of this kind can be especially valuable if the selected tariff package for working on the Internet assumes payment for each megabyte of traffic received. We will need to configure Firewall so that it allows us to work with the software being installed. Also, all the application-related actions described below must be performed on behalf of the administrator. This manual is ideal for users of the Windows operating system.


traffic on a megaphone like to see
We proceed to an immediate solution of the problem,how to find out the traffic on Megafon. First of all, we download for free from a trusted source a program for working with the relevant statistics. As such an application, we can use NetWorx. This solution is distributed in two versions: Installer and Portable. If you select the second option, the program can be started without installation. If you download Installer, you will need to install the application on your computer. For convenience, download Portable.

First start

find out the remaining traffic on the megaphone
In order to find out the remaining traffic to"Megafone", create a directory NetWorx in any of the folders in the section in which the user's documents are located. If you plan to run the program on different computers later, use a flash card. It is on it that we create the necessary folder. We extract all the files in a separate directory from the received program archive. We go into it and run the component networx.exe. We configure the necessary parameters to work during the first run of the program. Choose the language in which the text will be displayed. Specify the network adapter, the traffic estimation of which is necessary. If you need to get information about the operation of several devices, select the item called "All connections". This option allows you to keep all traffic under control. Click on the "Done" button and confirm that the actions are saved.

View data

how to replenish traffic on a megaphone
In order to solve the problem, how to find out the trafficon "Megaphone", let's pay attention to the system tray. This is where the NetWork program icon will appear. Press it twice with the left mouse button. Opens the main application window, which contains all the statistics. We pass to the necessary tab for obtaining detailed information. Note that the NetWorx program displays traffic only after it is launched. It does not support operation under background conditions with standard settings. Therefore, if you do not activate it immediately when you connect to the Internet, some of the traffic may not be accounted for. The fact is that the update of some programs can start automatically, which will entail additional costs. For the reasons stated above, we recommend that you add the specified application to startup so that it starts collecting data from the start of the operating system. Note also that traffic can be specified in the technical support of the company "Megaphone".

Service Guide

how to increase traffic on a megaphone
Now let's look at how to find traffic to"Megaphone" (more precisely, its balance) with the help of official resources of the company. For this, the mobile operator has provided the Service-Guide service. First of all, we turn to this service and open the section "Services and Tariff". It is here that there is information about the number of spent, as well as the remaining megabytes of traffic. You can also see which Internet services are connected to a personal number. With this tool, you can also decide how to increase traffic on Megafon by simply purchasing an additional package of services.


Now let's look at how to find traffic on Megafonwith the help of a special request. There are several USSD-commands that will help us. Enter the request * 370 * 0 # and press the call button. In response, we get information about the rest of the traffic, if you use the service "Internet XS" (S, M, L, XL). If you need to find out about the current discounts for accessing the Web, use the command * 100 * 1 #. Now let's look at how to get information about the balance of the connected services and packages, including data on Internet traffic. For this, the query * 100 * 3 # is provided. By the way, in order to contact the operator in the phone mode, just call to a short toll free number 0500. If you want, you can also contact the office of the company for the necessary information. In the latter case, you need to take your passport or another document that can verify your identity.


Let's now look at how to increase traffic to"Megaphone". This mobile operator provides "unlimited" access to the Internet. However, in fact, it can be called unrestricted only conditionally. The fact is that after the monthly limit is exhausted, the access speed drops to 64 Kbps. This is a fairly low figure.

Extend speed

how to increase traffic on a megaphone
Next, we will see in practice how to refilltraffic on the "Megaphone". If the Internet speed drops sharply, you should first check the rest of the packet data using the instruction described above. If the limit is exhausted, it can be increased using a special service called "Prolong speed". The actions described below will be equally effective, regardless of the used tariff plan, as well as the communication device (4G modem, smartphone), if it works with the operator "Megaphone". First of all, let's talk about how to increase the speed for a day. When using the "Internet XS" service, you can add 70 Mb of traffic for 19 rubles. To do this, we use the above function. The extended traffic is used until the end of the day, in which it was ordered. The next day, the traditional subscription fee will be written off the number, that is, the usual tariff with a new portion of packet data will be earned. Now we will consider what to do in case of using other Internet offers.

We can go in one of the following ways:

1. Send USSD request in this form: * 925 * 3 #.
2. We send an SMS message containing the number 1 in the text to the special number 000105906.
3. We use the possibilities of the personal office of Megafon.

After one of the above actions is completedwe will receive confirmation of the restoration of the speed of access to the Internet. Now consider the existing opportunities to increase traffic per month by 1 GB. For the described purpose, the operator provided 2 services - "Internet Extra" and "Extended speed". Both of them solve the task and even pay for an equal price. However, there are some differences. The "Internet extra" version is designed and designed specifically for users of "All inclusive" tariff plans. Obtaining an additional data packet using the "Prodly speed" service is suitable for users of the maintenance system with a monthly subscription fee. The service will last exactly 30 days, counting goes from the moment of immediate activation. So we figured out what traffic is on Megafon, how to look at its metrics, and if necessary increase it.

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