Sooner or later, any computer useris experiencing a malfunction in the operating system. Such a problem can arise both with laptop owners and with people who work on a personal computer. Most glitches occur because of a clogged registry or viruses on the computer. If the registry cleaning with the help of a special program did not help, then the only way to solve this problem is to reinstall the operating system. It is important to know how to reinstall Windows on a laptop.

Strange as it may seem, but reinstalling the systemlaptop and computer is slightly different, and this is due, first of all, to the lack of necessary drivers on the installation disc. After you have finished installing Windows on your laptop, you will need to manually install the drivers. If you decide to install the Windows 7 operating system on your laptop, be prepared for the fact that it consumes much more resources than Windows XP. Therefore, before reinstalling windows on the laptop, familiarize yourself with the system requirements and compare them with your hardware.

We proceed directly to reinstallation. So, if you have a license disk with an operating system, you can just insert it into the drive and start reinstalling. But how to reinstall Windows XP on a laptop if the installation disk is missing? Very simple. Download from the Internet the right version of the OS, it is an image that needs to be opened with the program for working with virtual images. We go to My Computer, select the virtual disk that appears and start it. These operations can be done only if your computer is working properly. If there is no possibility to download the image, or if the OS does not load at all, then you will have to perform the reinstallation via Bios.

How to reinstall Windows on a laptop through Bios?

At the next start of the computer we insert intodrive bootable disk with the operating system. After that, we constantly press the Delete button, in order to get into the depths of your computer. As a result, you get to the blue Bios screen. Then, using the arrow keys, perform the following operations:

  1. Choose Advanced Bios Features;

  2. We go in First Boot Device;

  3. We put the mark opposite the inscription CDROM;

  4. Press Esc, save and exit.

With the help of these manipulations, now your Windowswill not boot from the hard drive, but from your regular CD or DVD media. If you did everything correctly, after reboot Boot from CD / DVD will appear, after which you will need to press any key for further installation of the system. The most difficult thing when reinstalling the OS is to wait.

After you have pressed any of the buttons, minutesAfter 5-7, a window will appear with the choice of language. We press the button "Next" and "Install". Then after 5-10 minutes, a window will appear with the "License Terms", you tick the box and choose the type of installation.

Now an important point! If you want to completely reinstall the system, then select the appropriate item. In this case, the local drive C, on which the new system is installed, will be formatted.

How to reinstall Windows on a laptop without losing data?

If you select Update, all data on the local disk will remain, only the registry and various Windows system commands will be updated.

Next, the installation of the operating system will becarried out independently. During the reinstallation, your laptop will reboot several times. Installation takes an average of less than an hour and will be finished when the desktop appears. If you reinstall the system via Bios, then do not forget to change the type of media for its subsequent download. After that you will be able to start installing the drivers and necessary software, if you did a full reinstallation. Now you know how to reinstall Windows on a laptop, and you will be able to perform an update yourself or completely reinstall the system.

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