It's no secret that the so-called accountuser, which he creates when registering on the official website of the corporation, plays a significant role. However, let's see how to change the Microsoft account, if this is really necessary. Questions regarding the loss of a mobile gadget or the legitimacy of installing software products of the company will not be considered now. We concentrate on the very "accounting".

How to Change a Microsoft Account: First Steps

Surely every user of computer systemsor mobile gadgets based on Windows, faced the problem of "accounting". This is not surprising, since many software products or updates of the same system are available to the user only if there is one.

how to change a Microsoft account

This applies equally to users andstationary computer systems, and laptops, and smartphones (in most cases these are Nokia gadgets). How to create or change a Microsoft account? There is nothing easier.

To start, you just need to register forsite of the corporation, and then confirm the creation of the record by replying to the letter in the e-mail specified during registration. Just in case, the corporate server automatically sends a special notification to the mobile phone with a code that will be useful if the account has been forgotten or the user simply does not remember the login and password.

How to change the Microsoft account on your phone

Note that there is no reference to a specificthe device (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet) is not talking now, although there are a number of conditions regarding software updates, but more about this later.

Why do we need "accounting", and is there any point in creating it?

Before proceeding to the consideration of the voicedproblems ("How to change the Microsoft account on the phone?"), you should solve an equally important question: is it worth it to create such a registration at all? By the way, the same theme will be relevant for owners of a stationary computer terminal or laptop.

Let's take the simplest example. As practice shows, most Windows users, not counting the "tens", which is available for download in a free mode, use pirated copies of this OS. There is nothing surprising in this, after all, even an obsolete "expirka" with all service packs is quite expensive, which our people simply can not afford.

In this case, if the user is not going to switch toupdate the system or receive official updates, then you can not even think about creating an account. What for? Indeed, at one time the then head of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates, warned that in the online mode all pirated copies of Windows will be tracked, and there can not be any updates about the speech.

Apparently, he had to bury his owndream, because today identical copies of Windows with offline activation can be found so much that it is generally unknown which of them can be original and which one is hacked.

Another thing is when you need to switch to a new version of the OS (what's on the computer, what's on the smartphone). Here you can not do without "accounting".

Official means online

As a rule, the problem itself is how to change the accountingthe Microsoft entry on the phone or on a computer (laptop) is not particularly complicated. To do this (of course, if you have the login and password specified when registering on the official site), you just need to go to the resource you are looking for, then use the menu of your profile, where you will find the appropriate settings.

how to change a Microsoft account for lumiya

Needless to say, you can change not onlylogin or password. It is also possible to change, say, the user name, registration data of the place of residence (if automatic region determination is not included), e-mail address or mobile number. In general, the procedure is standard, almost no different from similar actions, for example, when creating or changing your own account in social networks like "VKontakte" or Facebook.

Can I change my account with my own Windows tools?

There is only one answer to this question: "No!". The most striking example of this can be the setting of the "tens" that is gaining popularity.

Disable in it the user's identity at the entrance tosystem or when you leave the hibernation (sleep) mode, you can do it simply: either through computer administration or through the power management system (for sleep mode). But to change the password, even if the computer is offline without a permanent connection to the Internet, it does not work.

But if the requirement about login and passwordincluded, the system (in our case Windows 10, no matter what version it is - Technical Preview or Pro) will still require exactly the data specified during registration. Here, by the way, even the settings for managing your own account, even if you have full administrator rights on this computer, will not help. The simplest passwords like "11111111" do not pass (these are the features of the security system). Even if everything is disabled (antivirus, firewall or optimizer programs directly interacting with the system), nothing worthwhile will come of it.

How to change the Microsoft account: Windows Phone

With "accounting" created for mobile gadgets,not so simple. Now a few words about how to change the Microsoft account on Nokia or any other smartphone running Windows. As an example, let's take the Lumia series smartphones.

how to change a Microsoft account on nokia

First of all, when deciding howchange the Microsoft account to "Lumiya", you must reset the settings to factory settings, then use the transition to the official site, and there already make the necessary adjustments. But it is much easier, it turns out, to create a new "account" using your mobile number, since in this case the binding is carried out to it.

how to change a Microsoft windows phone account

On the other hand, to reset the password, you candirectly from the smartphone go to the official Windowsphone support site in the help section, where in this issue will be a link to the change "accounting". That's all.

The result

As can be seen from the above material,the question of how to change the Microsoft account is not particularly complicated. It's another matter for which device such a change will be made. In our case, a key role can only be played by a smartphone or a tablet with a SIM card responsible for the subscriber number, since computer systems do not have such a binding.

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