Many users of devices under controlthe operating system "Android" is well known application store, through which all the necessary for a smartphone or tablet software, games are downloaded. In order to install applications, you must log in to your personal account. For all "Android" such an account is Gmail. Having registered a mailbox on this service, you can become a full user, having access to all applications. But what if some account already exists on the phone? How to leave the account in the "Playmarket" and use a personal account?

how to leave the account in the play market

What account is used in the Play Store?

At the first attempt to open the "Market"the user will be prompted to enter data from the Gmail account that has the account. Without authorization, further actions will be impossible. Therefore, it is necessary to register your data in the settings of the device in advance. This will allow you to fully work with your smartphone. Before going to the main issue of this article and telling you how to log out of the account in the Play Store, I would like to remind all users again why the Gmail account gives the right to use the store.

When can I sign out of my Google Account?

When you purchase a new gadget, you can beconfident in the absence of existing accounts and saved accounts, as well as in the absence of any saved media files, etc. But when you buy a smartphone or tablet from your hands or in the salons that sell used devices, you can easily get someone else to use it, then write Gmail. How to leave the account in the "Playmarket" in this case? Is it worth using the account that is already in the phone settings? As for the second question, it is strictly not recommended to use other people's data. After all, this can lead to unexpected consequences. One of them may be a change of password for the account by the previous owner. And in this case all services will be unavailable, including mail, contacts (in case synchronization of data is configured).

how to leave the account in the playlist on the phone

How to leave the account in the "Playmarket" on the phone?

The only way to stop using"Play Store" on the cellular phone is the removal of the account "Google" from the settings of the gadget. It is quite easy to do this. Just go to the device settings, then open the section "Accounts and synchronization" (on some smartphones, the list of accounts can be located on the main page of the settings form). Then you need to find the right account, go to it or click on the selection button (if available). In the list of available actions, you must select the delete operation and confirm your intention by clicking the appropriate button. After that, a new account can be added to the open list. Moreover, it is possible not only to enter the data of an existing account, but also to create a new one.

how to sign out of your account in the playlist on the tablet

How to leave the account in the "Playmarket" on the tablet?

If you are using a tablet and needget rid of an out-of-date or out-of-date account, you should follow the same steps as with the phone. How to leave the account in the "Playmarket" without having to delete the entire account? To date, the Google account provides comprehensive access to various services. To abandon the "Play Store", while retaining the opportunity to use others, is unrealistic. Thus, the removal of authorization data is inevitable. After adding a new account to the list, access to "Google Play" will be restored.

Other ways to log out of your account

In addition, you can get rid of your account,simply by changing the password for the account: you can do it in the profile settings on another device. In this case, when you try to enter the Play Store, you will receive a message stating that you need to enter authorization data.

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