Computer games make up a significant partmodern mass production, which is suitable for consumers of different ages. Some individuals go so far as to specifically buy new computers to enjoy the latest innovations in the game world.

the most popular game in the world

Modernization for the sake of the game

For example, the most popular games of 2014,of course, not every user will do at least because not all have powerful machines that are provided with at least minimal system requirements for normal operation. In the same case, if a person really wants to enjoy virtual entertainment, but his budget does not allow him to buy a new computer, save the minimum system requirements, on which the game barely works, but still allows you to feel the plot and the gameplay. Absolutely desperate players are ready to spend day and night in a computer club, just to feel the atmosphere and share their own impressions about the new addition. Some games bring fans of thrill right up to the maniacal state.

what game is the most popular

One computer is good, and one console is even better

To say which game is the most popular is impossible,because the answer can change in a few days. In any case, despite the frenzied popularity of the same The Last of Us, only owners of consoles can play it, and now they are far from every video game fan. The average cost of such a console is 300-700 dollars, and not all will agree to spend such a sum on ordinary virtual entertainment. It is impossible to say with certainty that some, even very interesting, console adventure is the most popular game in the world, at least because not every platform supports it. Today, an increasing number of games are released exclusively for consoles, because it complicates the life of pirates and adds money to the developers. At the same time, fans to drag content from torrents lonely "howl" behind their computers and wait for the developers to get enough money and descend before making their game accessible to PC owners.

When hope is still alive

Some gamers seriously believe thatThe above The Last of Us is the most popular game of the year, despite the fact that it is not yet available to PC owners. We can say that this is a full-fledged interactive film with stunning graphics and realistic acting. To fulfill the main and secondary roles, its developers invited famous actors who performed their work with love and diligence. Even not the most interested in the cinema, the player will be able to recognize several familiar faces that have become familiar with popular films. Her plot is a standard, already bit bored post apocalypse, but the dynamics, interesting gameplay and stunning emotions of these actors, transmitted with the help of the latest technology, did not leave millions of players indifferent around the world. Developers are still silent about the "Last of Us" version for the PC, but hope, as you know, dies last.

We will assemble them all, Pokemon!

the most popular game of the year

Some gamers believe that "Sonic" or"Mario" is the most popular game in the world, and the Japanese assure that it is "Pokemon". It is impossible to say this for certain, but here you can understand common statistics and observations. The game about Pokemon has become a cult game: on the YouTube network, very many users have created their own parodies for its gameplay, and the most ardent fans of perfect graphics are happily accepted for its passage, because it helps them remember the best times. In what the Japanese could never be reproached, it is in the absence of originality. It is seen in absolutely every product released by the Land of the Rising Sun. The same can be said about "Pokemon": their identity is so great that they were not heard only by the lazy, and those who were not affected by the virtual collection of pocket monsters can be counted on their fingers. It can hardly be said that "Pokemon" is the most popular game in the world, but you can call it classic and unique with certainty.

The main thing is not to get lost in virtuality

Notorious "Sims" were at least onceinstalled on almost every home computer. For many children born in 2000, it was this game that became the conduit to the virtual world of fictional stories, and some modern girls agree to build a family only in "Sims". Because of the frenzied popularity of "Sims" got a lot of add-ons and plug-ins, and how many were not invented the most successful analogs - and can not be counted.

most popular games 2014

Probably, if there is the most popular inthe world of the game, then its title is claimed by the "Sims". Even those users who never allowed and thought about creating a virtual family in their universe, at least heard about it or saw a shortcut on the desktop with the best friend. They say that to destroy and make destiny in the universe "Sims" is a soothing exercise, which, among other things, raises self-esteem and positively influences the mood. And what else do you need from a good game, if not this one?

The right is he who has not lost

People who can not afford a goodcomputer or console, if their own excitement does not give them peace, sometimes replace computer games on the desktop. The most popular board games are "Monopoly" and "Colonizers". The network hosts a large number of quite plausible stories, which tell about real problems in families, arising from the loss of the "Monopoly". They say that it is like nothing else that reveals the hidden potential of the individual: it reveals greed, greed and intolerance, if any.

most popular board games

It is interesting that such qualities in one or the otherevery person has a measure, so the process of playing Monopoly is never boring and uninteresting. Another question is how far everyone is ready to go in real life to win the board game. If the excitement in your blood begins to "flood" your eyes - it's a signal that it's time to stop and have tea with your family.

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