A breeder is an ancient profession, rootswhich lead to the beginning of agriculture and cattle breeding. Thanks to this unusual craft, the light was seen by thousands of new species of animals, and even more by plants. And let the first breeders understand little of biology and genetics, their work has created a solid foundation for the emergence of an entire science.

So let's figure out whois a breeder: is it a profession or, perhaps, a vocation? How relevant is it to modern realities? And what pitfalls can a man wait who decided to master this difficult business?

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Who is a breeder?

Breeders in Russia, in principle, like foreign onesexperts, - this is primarily scientists. Their main goal is the improvement of various species of living organisms. For example, they can produce new, more resistant, say, diseases, varieties of potatoes or eggplants.

However, it is not necessary to believe that breedersare engaged only in plants. Their sphere of action is much wider and more diverse. So, they cross different kinds of animals in order to breed new breeds. Breeders also work with bacteria and viruses, which is true, such studies are much more difficult and dangerous.

Why do we need breeders?

Probably, it should start with the fact that without theseexperts the world would not be the same as we used to see it. After all, it was thanks to them that many varieties of fruit trees and other crops appeared, they brought out new breeds of domestic animals. By the way, if earlier the appearance of a new species was more an accident than a result of human efforts, today everything is quite different.

Now the breeder is a qualifieda specialist capable of performing miracles. Only in the last decade they have produced more than 1000 varieties of wheat and about 100 species of sweet pear. From now on, these plants and trees can be grown equally well both in dry and humid climates.

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How to become a breeder?

A breeder is a profession that requires specialeducation. You can get it by enrolling in one of the agricultural universities of the country. It is fair to say that this profession is difficult to master.

Throughout the period of study, studentswill have to carefully study all aspects of the development of living beings. Therefore, it will be necessary to deepen their knowledge in such disciplines as biology, chemistry and genetics.

Internal quality is also importantfuture specialist. In order to succeed in their work, the breeder must be able to "look into the future", to anticipate the concrete results of his activities. Also, he must have an analytical mindset in order to easily carry out genetic calculations and modulations. Well, endurance, where without it. Sometimes a breeder has to experience the bitterness of a thousand failures before a worthy result brings the joy of a long-awaited victory.

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Where to find work?

The ideal place of work for the breeder isResearch Center. It is here that he is able to reveal his full potential in research and experiments. True, the trouble is that not every city can boast of having such an institution.

Also breeders are in demand on variousagricultural enterprises. For example, on private farms, incubators, wheat fields and so on. Let the world's glory here you will not earn, but you will not remain hungry either.

Pros and cons of the profession

It should start with the fact that the breeder isvery narrow direction. This leads to the fact that it is difficult for specialists to find work, especially not on their direct profile. It also happens that an experienced breeder has to find a worthy place away from his home.

As for the pluses, here first of allIt is necessary to take into account the pride and joy that scientists experience during their discoveries. Do not lose sight of and a good salary with minimal physical effort.

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