It is very important that the work does not only bringworthy earnings, but also a sense of self-satisfaction. To deep regret, this is not common, and in most cases, a woman does not get either, so it is extremely important to initially choose the actual women's professions that bring stable and high income. Carefully analyzing the incredibly huge labor market, from simple managers to doctors, we managed to select the most popular professions, suitable exclusively for the weaker sex.

A detailed list will be given in this article. We will also describe the harmful occupations that undermine our body, weaken the nervous system and lead to irreversible consequences. So, first let's talk about popular today specialties:

- Manager of sales of food products;

- the cashier;

- accountant;

- Teacher / educator;

- Personnel specialist;

- medical worker;

- conductor;

- stewardess.

The above-listed women's professions requirecare, conflict-free and the highest stress-resistance. All these qualities are inherent in girls, so there are very few men in this category. The most promising, non-standard and popular professions in Russia in 2012 are in the following areas:

- management and marketing;

- psychology;

- logistics;

- landscape, interior and web design;

- Recruiting;

- tourism;

- Trade.

These specializations enjoy a hugepopularity among girls, the main reason is high pay. Because of the great competition in these types of work, it is not everyone who succeeds in taking positions. To get a job will require knowledge and good experience, only in this case you can achieve good performance in your career.

Over the past decades are very in demandwomen's professions related to office activities: editor, secretary, office manager, clerk, translator. Many do not even realize that these posts can harm the health, but what exactly we are going to tell you.

Office workers are threatened by such a disease,as a pinching of the nerve in the wrists. The fault is the wrong position of the hands at the desk. With constant tension, the middle nerve responsible for the functioning of the middle and index fingers is injured. In addition, as a result of prolonged sitting, blood circulation is disturbed, the work of the musculoskeletal system, hemorrhoids, migraines, and vision decrease.

To avoid negative consequences, it is necessary toDuring the day, perform simple physical workouts, arrange small breaks and always follow the basic rules when working with a PC. According to doctors, teachers, teachers and announcers are the most vulnerable to stresses, catarrhal diseases.

The fact is that this profession is a colloquial genre,as a result, the ligaments tighten, the throat is overdried, as a result, the immune system is undermined. In prophylactic purposes, the throat must be rinsed with anti-inflammatory drugs, trained ligaments and always carry non-carbonated water.

As for flight attendants, it is extremelyA dangerous profession that requires special patience and endurance. Girls who chose this type of activity will find it difficult to save and endure the child, because of the occurrence of stressful situations, pregnancy often results in miscarriage. Therefore, in the early stages, it would be more expedient not to fly.

All women's professions are needed and extremely important in thisthe main thing is not to forget about preventive actions. And in order to prevent the development of irreversible consequences, you should move more, visit the gym, eat fresh fruits, vegetables, greens and, of course, avoid conflict and stress situations whenever possible.

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