By its activity, I am associated withteenagers. Every year I have to watch how painfully the guys choose their future profession. Some are conscious of this, trying to choose a case that suits their inclinations, others "just in case" go to several universities to have more room for a choice that they are going to do later. One-third do not know what they would like to do. It is this category of children that sets a lot of very difficult questions. One of these questions I had to hear many times: "What is the most interesting work in the world?". My reasoning about the fact that each person has his own propensities and interests, my players clearly did not satisfy. They did not want to listen to reasoning, they needed concrete. And I decided to take up this issue.

Now I'm ready to tell the boys not only aboutWhat work is considered interesting in the world, in Moscow, in our city. I learned that there are interesting professions that have not been made in any register, but, nevertheless, are popular.

But to begin with, what is a profession thanit is different from work. A profession is a kind of occupation or activity that can only be carried out with special training. And work is what a person is busy with, the range of his duties, the field of activity.

Further. Do not confuse interesting professions and rare, exotic. (It was this mistake that allowed my teenagers). The most interesting in the world recognized such professions as a PR man, a computer specialist, a model, a movie actor, a political scientist, an economist. However, this is not an easy job, requiring special education, knowledge of technology or psychology, several foreign languages.

My boys wanted to know if there were any interestingprofessions that do not require long preparation. It turned out, there is. The most interesting work in the world was recognized as the job of the caretaker of a natural underwater reserve. After her, the work was led by a surf instructor, especially in Australia.

But today I want to recall very exotic, and therefore interesting professions. They do not require special training, so they attract people of a certain type.

Several such specialties are easy and pleasant. They are testers of furniture, water slides, other attractions. All day one of them spend, lying on the sofas, sitting chairs, while others skate, skate and ride.

There are specialties whose name is surprising. For example, the brain drain. These people literally take the brains out of the animals to instantly deliver it to visitors to some restaurants.

Minimum preparation requires the work of a pedicure master for cows and horses.

By the way, the phrase "the most interesting professionpeople "all understand differently. For some, this is an occupation that gives the right to manage people, for the second - the opportunity to travel the world. Someone thinks that only a specialty that can make a lot of money can be interesting, but someone sees an interest in minimal physical and mental stress.

For each of these categories there areinteresting professions. For example, sniffing the armpits. This very real specialty is claimed by the producers of sweat remedies. There is an even less "stressful" occupation, which makes it possible to make good money: the waiting list. Today this activity is gaining popularity in our country. All that is required of a person standing in line for you is patience.

Decently earn turners penguins. Some polar stations constantly need them.

Profitable, but little prestigious activity - guideon toilets. And there are also pillow straighteners, egg sniffers, researchers of striptease girls, condom testers, drugs, tampons. In different places, tail managers are required, mice 's drivers, scavengers, decoys.

Do not think that these classes are uninteresting: they are in demand. Although I personally chose another: nervous, requiring constant stress, not having a permanent schedule, not a romantic profession of the teacher. In my opinion, this is the most interesting profession.

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