In 1830 an immortal novel was writtenthe French writer Honore de Balzac "Gobsek". The problematic of the work is completely based on one of the human vices - stinginess, which at the end of the life of the main character has gone to the absurd. Over time, the story was contributed by the author to the multi-volume work "The Human Comedy."

Brief biography of the author

The French writer was born in Paris on May 20, 1799of the year. According to biographical data, his father was a peasant, and his mother was born of a bourgeois. The aristocratic prefix "de" Honore began to use in the year of the release of his story "Gobsek", which you can briefly get acquainted with in this article.

Having received a bachelor's degree, Balzac proceeded tothree-year service in the notary's office. The young man confidently rejected his father's proposal to open his practice. His hobby and work, he saw only literature. It is worth saying that at that time the works of the young guy did not represent the slightest interest for publishers.


Overflowing with impatience, Onore moved into a beggarParis quarter and took up work. The novel, which he began to write, would make him popular among true connoisseurs of literature after many years, but critics of that time ruthlessly did not recognize his creations.

Return to writing

Since 1829, Balzac continued to create his ownimmortal novels and novels. At night he wrote, supporting the vitality of a large number of cups of black coffee, and in the evening he rested. For a day Honore wrote not one quill pen.

This "army" regime was finallyrewarded, and books are marked with due attention. The novel "Shagreen's skin" brought the writer the title of one of the best authors of that time. This loud success greatly inspired the young writer, so he created an excellent epic called "The Human Comedy." It included the novel "Gobsek", the content of which is very close to the characters and actions of contemporaries of Balzac.

Importance of Ukraine in the life of a writer

For the first time Balzac visited this country in 1847. Here he was married to Evelina Ghana, so he often visited Ukrainian lands. A lot of essays were written by him about these wonderful places, and one of them is the "Letter about Kiev". Balzac admired the fertile land on which wheat is sown every year, without completely fertilizing the soil.

bald gobsec

Being on the estate of Ghana, Honore sincerelywas interested in the life of the peasants. He liked to watch groups of people who came from work, singing funny songs at the same time. As a result, the author's love for Ukraine was reflected not only in letters for Paris, but also in the novel "Peasants".

The innovation of Balzac

The creativity of the young Honoré fell at the dawn of twomain genres: novels about history and personality. Balzac never followed fashion in European literature and created works, trying to show in them an individualized type of each character, like, for example, the well-known image of Gobsek.

The author's focus is almost alwaysthere was a modern bourgeois society with all its shortcomings. The existence of the estates of that time, social institutions and social states as fully as possible are uncovered in the "Etudes about the customs", written by Balzac. "Gobsek" also entered this cycle as a demonstration of human stinginess and greed.

"The Human Comedy"

Despite constant criticism, Balzacdid not stop working. Through time, the author decides to combine his works in an epic called "Human Comedy." According to the author's intention, the book should contain stories that would describe a modern society, every existing character trait, in a word - to create a unique picture of its time.

The cycle consists of three parts, the most extensiveis "Etudes about morals." She unfolded a real picture of France, in which he lived Balzac. "Gobsek" is one of the literary masterpieces that have entered the "Etude".

gobsec characteristic


All the characters of Balzac are brightly drawn - theymemorable and ambiguous. This is the main character of the book "Gobsek". The short story is presented below, but the summary conveys only a small part of the meaning that the author wanted to tell the reader about.

The story begins in the cabin of the viscountess deGranlie, who was visited by Count Ernest de Resto and Derville. When the first one left, the mistress of the house began to explain to her daughter Camilla that it was wrong to show a direct arrangement to the count, since no Parisian family would want to become related to them. Ernest was not a suitable pair to her daughter, since he was insolvent.

 gobsec abbreviated

Dervil decides to intervene in what is happening forexplanations of the true essence of things. He began the story from afar, mentioning that he had met Gobsak while still a student and called him a cold-blooded golden image.

Somehow, the usurer told a story about the debt collection fromone countess. Afraid of exposing, she gave him diamonds, money for which her lover received a bill. Gobsek was right, saying that this dandy would ruin her entire family.

Later, the blond handsome count turned to DervilMaxim de Tray with a request for an acquaintance with the usurer. Gobsek, in turn, initially refused to give the loan to the graph, since the borrower at that time was entirely in debt. But the same woman with the remaining family jewelry comes to the pawnbroker and without any doubts agrees to all the conditions. All this Countess did because of the blackmail de Tray, which was to transfer money to him, otherwise he allegedly would commit suicide.

On the same day, the husband bursts into Gobsekthe aforementioned woman demanding the return of diamonds. But instead he gives the usurer all his possessions, in order to protect him from his unfaithful wife and her lover. To completion, Derville reports that this incident occurred with the father of Ernest de Resto.

After a while, the earl is seriously ill. His wife on this occasion breaks all ties with Maxim and cares for her husband. A day after his death, looking for a will, the woman arranged a rout in the office of the deceased. But the most horrible of her actions was the burning of papers, in the absence of which the property of the deceased count was transferred to Gobsek's possession. Derville begged the usurer to return everything to the family of de Resto, but he was adamant.

At the end of the story, having realized that Camille andErnest love each other, Dervil went to Gobsec and discovered that at death. By the end of his life, avarice completely absorbed him. The house was flooded with a lot of spoiled food, because he did not sell anything, afraid of cheating. The image of Gobsek is an embodiment of a peculiar predatory power with the help of which a person rapidly breaks through to gold and power.

Gobsek content

The story ends with the fact that the lawyer Dervil informs de Granlie about the imminent return of the lost property to the Count de Resto. A noble lady decides that Camille may well become Ernest's wife.

Characteristics of the main character

The image of Gobsek is internally contradictory. The protagonist is a strong personality, and to some extent a philosopher and psychologist. Along with these traits are greed, meanness and cruelty. Most likely, it is because of the harsh conditions of existence that the usurer has got used to achieve the goal by any means.

gobsek problematics

Also, Gobsak's description and his portrait clearlyare seen in the statements about him by the author. Balzac describes the protagonist as a person-bill. Awareness of the predatory world in which he lives, led him to usury. And such a quantity of money and gold is necessary for him not for a luxurious existence, but for a sense of protection. The characterization of Gobsek is supplemented by his meager speech, a standard dry set of phrases in conversation with clients. His whole appearance shows contempt for the rich.

Other works

In his youth, Honore tried not to pay attention to the unfair words of critics, continuing his work. Early works were:

- The novel "Shuany";

- "Shagreen skin";

- "Gobsek";

"The house of a cat playing ball."

Balzac sought to demonstrateindividualized type of each of his characters. The center of his work was not fictional heroes, but the life and actions of bourgeois society. The amazed image of Hobsak from the novel of the same name showed the readers what kind of life tragic life can be if a person has to kill all the good in himself and become a soulless ruffian and accumulator.

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