The novel "Scarlett", written by Alexandra Ripley,is a continuation of one of the most famous works of American literature. It was created in 1991. Very soon, in 1994, the novel "Scarlett", reviews of which among fans of creativity M. Mitchell were quite contradictory, was filmed. The book has gained immense popularity, primarily because it was able to return millions of readers one of the most beautiful and romantic couples in literature.

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When it comes to the American writerAlexander Ripley, first of all the novel "Scarlett" is mentioned. The author made his debut in the literary field in 1972. Ripley owns a number of short stories and historical stories. But the popularity of the writer brought just the novel "Scarlett". The summary of the work is set out below.


The novel begins with the funeral of Melanie Wilks. On this day, Scarlett suddenly realized not only that Melanie was her only and faithful friend, but also that which she did not like, and perhaps never loved her husband. True love was always Rhett Butler. However, the realization came too late. The husband by that time had left both her and Atlanta.

Scarlett goes to Tara, where she learns one moresad news. Mamushka, her old nurse, at death. She sends a telegram to Rhett, asks him to come and say goodbye to the dying servant. Spouse Scarlett promises to fulfill the last request of a dying woman - not to leave Scarlett and always take care of her. However, immediately after the death of the old nanny shakes his wife with his statement. Rhett gave a false promise to the old woman, supposedly only to reassure her, in fact, no reunion between them will ever happen.

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Scarlett returns to Atlanta to fulfillThe last request of Melanie, that is, take care of Ashley and his son Bo. During this period, the economic crisis is brewing in the USA, and the Wilks sawmill not only does not bring benefits, but it can also burn at any moment. And Scarlet makes a decision that changes both her life and the financial situation of her once beloved person. She starts building cottages for which Ashley sawmill will supply the material. In this way, the financial well-being of the Wilkes was decided.


After the break with Rhett, the heroine of A. Ripley realizes that she was left alone in a huge house. She feels lonely. She does not have anyone to talk to. Only after drinking alcohol, loneliness and longing for a while seem to recede. And Scarlett begins to drink ...

A few months later, realizing that it was rolling down, the heroine of the novel takes itself in hand and decides to go for Rhett to Charleston to mother-in-law, in order to return it back.

Eleanor Butler, not knowing about the gap betweenspouses, warmly accepts Scarlett, as opposed to Rhett's younger sister. In an attempt to cause jealousy in her husband, Scarlett begins to flirt with one of the gentlemen, but receives only a rebuff from Rett: she is completely indifferent to him, but he does not intend to see how much all these rumors upset his mother. Rhett wants to divorce. In return, the husband offers a large sum. Humiliated by such a proposal, the woman agrees to leave, but only after the end of the big Season. From financial compensation, Scarlett refuses and does not think.

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Storm on the yacht

In one of the last days the main characterpersuades the former lover to ride the yacht. But suddenly a terrible storm begins. The yacht goes to the bottom. Only by miraculously surviving, they get out on the beach, where, filled with sudden joy, make love. In the heat of passion, Rhett admits Scarlett in love. However, an hour later he refuses his words.

Deciding to strike out Rhett from his life, Scarlettaccepts the invitation of his aunts to go to his grandfather's maternal birthday in Savannah, and at the same time visit a monastery in which her younger sister took tonsure. Here she also plans to settle the issue of inheritance.

In Savannah, Scarlett lives with his grandfather -stiff and grumpy man who keeps his daughters and servants in their gloves. Freedom-loving woman does not like it at all. And she decides to find her relatives on the paternal line. The family of O'Hara happily accepts his relative.


At the invitation of one of Scarlett's acquaintancesvisits Ireland - the fatherland of his father. In this country she is experiencing a real emotional upsurge. But the news that the divorce from Rett has already been formalized becomes a real blow to the woman. True, little by little the heroine calms down. Scarlett is waiting for the baby. She is sure that in this situation the ex-husband will not leave her. Soon the woman learns that Butler married. However, now the meaning of her existence becomes a daughter.

The next stage in the life of the heroine of A. Ripley is closely related to the social or political situation in Ireland. In the homeland of her ancestors, Scarlett acquires an estate. Her life is improving. However, the tragic events preceded by unrest among the Irish cause mothers and daughters to be in the country becomes dangerous. Rhett Butler, meanwhile, arrives in Ireland. He was a widower and, as is not hard to guess, left his homeland solely because of his ex-wife. From the Irish rebels, who accuse Scarlett of complicity with the British, she is rescued by her ex-husband. And then he finds out about his daughter. Scarlett and Rhett again together.

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Are the heroes of the novel Mitchell different from the characters,with whom you get acquainted, reading the novel "Scarlett"? The author undertook to write the continuation of the famous love story. But it seems that in A. Ripley's book it is a completely different woman and another man. This opinion is reduced to most of the reviews. Perhaps the fact is that Mitchell left the final open not by accident. Scarlett lost everything that she had. And this is a kind of retribution for her sins. The novel "Scarlett" is good as a separate work. But as a continuation, he, according to many readers, is unsuccessful.

And yet the novel "Scarlett", despite a lot of unflattering reviews, brought the author world fame and glory. The eponymous mini-series, released on screens in 1994, received two Emmy awards.

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