Undoubtedly, the name of Nikolai Vasilyevich GogolIt is familiar to everyone from the school's bench. He wrote many literary works, related to a variety of genres. Many will consider him a comedian who derides his reality, say, in the "Inspector" or "Dead Souls", but most researchers of his work agree that Gogol's personal library in his time included a lot of works on occultism, on the basis of which he wrote a lot of their masterpieces (some, however, did not finish).

gogol's library

A little bit about biography and literary preferences

As you know, Nikolai Gogol was called hisnamed after St. Nicholas of Myra. His mother before the icon gave a vow that the newborn son will grow up God-fearing. However, as history says, this was not destined to take place.

Now the work of the great prose writer is connected inmostly with the works of Viy, Konotop Witch, Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka, etc. As the names indicate, this is pure mysticism and horrors, which later became famous for the same Stephen King.

museum library house of gogol
However, Gogol is considered to be such classics,say, as Edgar Alan Poe. Not surprising. Although this is not proven, but, apparently, the library of Gogol in the early periods included certain works related to the occult, otherwise where would all these works come from? History, at least official, is silent about this.

What was Gogol's personal library?

By the way, at least some critics believe thatthe book "Necronomicon", written, as it is commonly believed, by a mad author who sold the soul to the devil, with his own blood, is mentioned only in the works of Howard Lovecraft approximately in 1919-1920, that is, a hundred years after Gogol's life, apparently (although it is official religion and is not recognized), the book itself is about two thousand years old.

Gogol's library

Well, judge for yourself, could not Gogol take the plotstheir "horror", as they say, from the ceiling? Smoke, as is known, without fire does not happen. Perhaps Gogol's library, which is in his house, contained a considerable amount of works on occultism. Unfortunately, today it is impossible to completely reproduce everything that the future classic has read.

Museum-library "Gogol's House" in modern times

Despite the fact that Gogol's contemporaries were people like Pushkin and Zhukovsky, he is as if apart from them, although he is considered a classic of Russian literature.

But the memory of the great writer is immortalized. The Gogol Library is now located exactly in the building where the prose writer settled in 1832. Having become famous after the publication of "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka", he received such eminent guests as Count and Countess Tolstoy, and lower ranked - Davydov, Lermontov, Turgenev, Chaadaev, Ogarev, Vyazemsky, Aivazovsky, etc.

Now the house is recreated exactly the situation,which was during the lifetime of Gogol. Despite the hung portraits of the writer (which, by the way, are absolutely not striking), one can see the very atmosphere in which the genius lived and worked.

The very same library. NV Gogol, located in Moscow on Nikitsky Boulevard, 7a, is considered one of the most visited places among young people and students of philology.

In the people, the library received an unspoken nickname "Gogolevka" (similar to the way apartments in houses built under Khrushchev were called Khrushchevs).

Today it is believed that the attendance of its students in completely different areas of education is at least 80% of the total number of museums in Moscow.

a library of them in gogol

Working hours

Gogol's library is open daily. From Monday to Friday, you can come here from 12.00 to 21.00, but on Thursday, the closing time is 22.00. Saturday and Sunday are like days off, but nevertheless for visitors the library is open from 12.00 to 18.00. So everyone who wants to visit this unique place should think in advance about their schedule.

Instead of an afterword

It should be specially noted that the current "Gogolovka"has an interesting structure. In the right half of the house is an exposition of Gogol the writer, and the left one - Gogol, reading his own works. Such contrasting helped not only to create the image of one of the greatest writers, but also to preserve his creative heritage.

Of course, every visitor expects to seehere is a mystic writer. We must immediately disappoint all visitors: nothing like this you will not find. At best, the library will offer to familiarize yourself with the biography and literary works of the great writer, but nothing more. In the end, you can walk through the rooms, where the foot of the very Nikolai Vasilyevich was stepping. By the way, Gogol's manor-museum is in Ukraine. This village Gogolevskoe, st. October, 2. Poltava is considered almost the birthplace of all the characters of the writer.

Well, the mysticism invested in worksprose writer, everyone should perceive in their own way. And if you take Bulgakov with his "Master and Margarita", is there any direct connection with Gogol's heroes?

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