In this material the biography of Elena Sever will be considered. It's about the singer, who was born in 1973, on April 29, in Leningrad. It occurs from an intelligent family.


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The biography of Elena Sever is closely connected withSt. Petersburg. This is her favorite city. It causes the singer the most pleasant and warm feelings. It was here that Elena the North spent most of her life. Her family is very unusual. Mom and Dad studied together at the institute. Then they worked together. They got into the Research Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus. Mom became an economist, and my father became the director of a scientific center. The maiden name of our heroine is Severgin. "North" - so it was nicknamed by classmates, so the pseudonym remained from school times.

Education and early years

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Biography of Elena Sever as an independentman began with studying in a special school. She actively participated in the life of the collective. She was in the council of the squad. I graduated from school with a medal. As a child, our heroine was a happy and cheerful child. Parents tried to develop the sports and creative abilities of their daughter. Even then, her day was painted by the minute. She attended music school in parallel, choosing a piano class. Was engaged also in a choreography. I dreamed of becoming a ballerina. Also, the fad of our heroine was artistic gymnastics. Thanks to this sport, singer Sever Elena still supports the form. Another vivid memory from school days is an incentive grant that allowed to go on a trip to America under the international program "Children for Peace". The next stage in the life of our heroine is studying at the financial and economic institute. She graduated from the university in 1995, receiving the specialty "Finance and Credit".

A family

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Elena's husband the North is Vladimir Kiselev. The history of their acquaintance is very unusual. In 1992, the dance group, which our heroine visited, was invited to perform at the Oktyabrsky Concert Hall in the framework of the White Nights festival. The girl got behind the scenes of the event. It was on that day that singer Sever Elena met Vladimir Kiselyov. He was a famous promoter and producer. After this meeting, the girl decided to postpone the dream of becoming a financier and plunge headlong into the world of show business. Soon Elena and Vladimir Kiselev visited the ceremony of awarding the "MTV-Ovation", "Oscar" and "Grammy" awards. In 1997, the family had an older son. They called him Yuri. Elena loves children. She always dreamed that she had a lot of them. The second son was named Vladimir - in honor of her husband. Children, unfortunately, often ached. Elena had to visit various medical institutions. There she faced many difficulties. She was worried about the problems that exist in medical institutions. She realized that many parents can not afford the treatment that their children need. Later this experience determined one of the directions of its activity. Our heroine chose to independently educate her children. Traditionally, the families of the sons began to learn the flute and piano from the age of 4, and also started mastering the vocal skill.


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The singer participated in the organization of the festival "Whitenight ", which was held in St. Petersburg. There she got acquainted with many politicians and sportsmen. Our heroine took part in the preparation of contracts, which were performed by musicians invited by her husband. At that time the singer met Steven Seagal, Claudia Schiffer, David Coverdale, John McEnroe, Boris Becker, Sophia Loren, Jose Carreras, Julio Iglesias. The girl took part in the process of organizing events from the fashion world. They were invited to Cindy Crawford, Eva Herzigova, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer. Elena took part in concerts with such celebrities as Julio Iglesias, Ringo Starr, Chris Rea, Madonna, Slade, Prokul Harm, Nazareth, Enamils, Smokey, Mango Jerry, Tirex . She was engaged in organizing events dedicated to classical music. They were invited by Jose Carreras and Placido Domingo. With her support, a grand concert was organized in Moscow on Vasilyevsky Spusk. It was attended by Russian and foreign performers: Scorpions, Liz McLernon, Christina Milian, Ken Hensley, Tokyo, Lordi, Chai-F, Craig David. Above, we discussed in detail the biography of Elena Sever.

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