The drama theater Koltsova (Voronezh) was born in the 18th century. Today in his repertoire are classical and modern plays, children's productions.

History of the Drama Theater (Voronezh)

Drama Theater Voronezh

The Drama Theater named after Koltsov appeared onlight in 1787. Performances and rehearsals took place in the house of the vicar VA Chertkov. Artists were people from high society. And in 1799 together with them on a stage began to leave and released on freedom strong-willed actors. The first professional troupe appeared in 1801. But she was entertaining, not stationary. It was directed by the Moscow comedy actor Petrov.

The main task of the theater at that time was to ennoble feelings and correct morals.

In the 20s of the 19th century, the famous actors of the country performed on the stage of the Voronezh drama.

In 1917 the theater became known as the "Great Soviet" theater. He existed with that name for exactly 20 years. Since 1937 it began to be called the Voronezh Drama Theater.

During the war the theater ceased to functionnormal mode. Actors worked in hospitals, and also went to the front-line brigades on the fronts with performances. In June 1942, a bomb hit the building of the theater, which destroyed the auditorium and the stage. In July, the troupe was evacuated to the Chelyabinsk region. In their city the artists returned in December 1944. Then the premiere of the play "Woe from Wit" took place. After the liberation of Voronezh from the Nazis, the theater building was restored one of the first, while the city was destroyed by 95%.

In the military and postwar years, the repertoire included performances of the relevant subjects: "Soldiers of Stalingrad", "General Brusilov", "Front", "Invasion".

A permanent troupe appeared here in the early 1930s. During the war, artists worked in hospitals and front-line brigades.

The name of the poet Alexei Koltsov Drama Theater (Voronezh) was in 1959, the year of his 150th anniversary.

Today the troupe participates in festivals, actively tours.

Reconstruction of the building

New dramatic theater (Voronezh), or rathersay updated, opened its doors in 2012. Reconstruction lasted many years. Its main task was to make the building as close to the historical original. But the interior is made more strictly than before. In it now there are no moldings and other decorations. Even crystal lamps have simple shapes. The interior is made in the Art Nouveau style.

The artists created an interior story called"Winter theater". Colors are white and silver. The shape of the crystal lamps looks like drifts. The glass on the doors looks like frozen. Simply put, the interior resembles the scenery of a winter fairy tale. This is an unusual and original, even unique in its kind design solution. Coming to the theater, the viewer seems to be in a different world, which is more perfect. He inspires and purifies. So they treated the temple of art in the era of Romanticism and in the last years of the existence of the Soviet Union. That's the new building of the Voronezh drama theater is fully consistent with this postulate. The building has exactly this effect. Getting here, the viewer turns off reality, forgets his problems, plunges into another space and time. There is only he and the fine art.

The author of the design of the building was the artist Yuri Cooper. He is a unique person. He is a genius. And he could not create a non-unique theater.


Drama Theater

The Drama Theater (Voronezh) offers its viewers the following productions:

  • "Solo for hours with battle."
  • "The Magic Rings of Almanzor."
  • "Taming the Shrew".
  • "Academy of laughter."
  • "Star Treasure of the New Year".
  • "Love is not joking."
  • "Tartuffe".
  • "Bridge of King Louis of Saint".
  • "Snowstorm".
  • "The Potudan River".
  • "A free man enters."
  • "Do not part with your loved ones."
  • "Sea".
  • "Violin, tambourine and iron."

And others.


Voronezh Drama Theater named after the Ring

The Drama Theater (Voronezh) gathered talented actors on its stage.


  • Valery Potanin.
  • Tatiana Egorova.
  • Vyacheslav Bukhtoyarov.
  • Zhanna Brazhnikova.
  • Denis Kulinichev.
  • Valentina Yurova.
  • Maria Shekhovtsova.
  • Anatoly Gladnev.
  • Elena Gladysheva.
  • Alexander Smolyaninov.
  • Tatyana Belyaeva.
  • Catherine of Marsala.
  • Andrei Shcherbakov.
  • Vyacheslav Zaitsev.
  • Dina Mishchenko.

And others.

Artistic director

new dramatic theater Voronezh

Drama Theater (Voronezh) since 2011 lives under the leadership Petrov Vladimir Sergeevich. In 1972 he graduated from the acting department of the Kiev Institute, and in 1979 - director. He began his career at the Kharkov Taras Shevchenko Theater. Then he worked in Riga, Sevastopol, Kiev, Omsk.

Vladimir Sergeevich has played many major roles, has staged more than 80 performances.

He is an honored art worker, laureate of the Golden Mask Award, professor at the Moscow Art Theater School.

AT. Petrov puts performances not only in Voronezh, he collaborates with other theaters. So, in 2013 he put in Samara the opera of PI Tchaikovsky "Eugene Onegin". And in Beijing - a play by Luigi Pirandello "Six characters in search of the author."

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