Its fabulous house is in the city of Cheboksary - a puppet theater. Dreams come true and miracles happen. The puppet theater is a place where young spectators are attached to art.

About the theater

Cheboksary Puppet Theater

This collective stands at the origins of the entire theatricalart of the city of Cheboksary. The Children's Puppet Theater opened its doors in 1943. Initially, he was mobile. He was based in the city of Yadrin, and in 1944 was transferred to Cheboksary. The troupe was created from Leningrad actors, evacuated from the blockaded city. The head of the theater was SM Merzlyakov. Thanks to him, the troupe replenished with young talents, which became the pride of Cheboksary. Puppet theater in 1945 received the status of state. At the same time for the first performance, which was called "Three Girlfriends", dolls were made.

In its work the theater refers to works of world literature for children, to plays by Chuvash playwrights and to contemporary authors.

Thanks to the professionalism of the actors, the troupeworks at a high level. The theater is recognized not only in Chuvashia, it is known and loved far beyond the borders of the republic. Actors actively participate in various festivals and demonstrate their skills and identity, causing the residents of other regions to interest in the culture of Chuvashia.

Cheboksary puppeteers created and embodied inlife twelve projects. The most notable of them is "To you a fairy tale came to the house", "Treatment with art", "We do not need to be identical" and "Kukloterapiya". They are designed for special children (invalids).

In the troupe today serves 20 artists. Eleven of them were awarded honorary titles "People's" and "Honored" artist. Here talented young people and experienced luminaries work.


Cheboksary children's puppet theater

The repertoire of the troupe includes performances, both foryoung, and for adults and visitors of the city of Cheboksary. Puppet theater offers performances on fairy tales, works of classics and playwrights of our time.


  • "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves."
  • "White coat for a little rabbit".
  • "Ugly duck".
  • "Doctor tooth."
  • "Cat house".
  • "Lop-eared Ilyuk."
  • "Amanita".
  • "The rhinoceros and the giraffe".
  • "Letter from the Vofna."
  • "Gray neck".
  • "I love you, daisy.
  • "Secrets of the Snowman".

And so on.


Its actors glorify the city of Cheboksary. Puppet theater gathered on its stage wonderful artists-puppeteers.


  • Alevtina Timofeeva.
  • Peter Petrov.
  • Svetlana Kokshina.
  • Alina Kalikova.
  • Larissa Antonova.
  • Olga Tarasova.
  • Pyotr Klementyev.
  • Nadezhda Alferova.

And others.

Address of the puppet theater in Cheboksary: ​​Presidential boulevard, house 15. It is always happy to see young spectators!

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