His first applause, he ripped off as a child,when he was singing for nothing from the school canteen. Perhaps, this is the beginning of the creative biography of Bilan, who today is one of the brightest stars on the stage of Russia.

Biography Bielan

Dima Bilan (Victor Belan) was born in 1981 in thethe town of Ust-Dzheguta in KCR. At one-year-old age, his parents moved him to Naberezhnye Chelny, and five years later the family returned to the Caucasus, to the city of May of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. Until his departure to Moscow, Dima lived in this republic and considers it his homeland, and fellow countrymen pay him love. He wears the title of People's Artist of the CBD.

For the first time Victor (Dima) declared himself in the capital oncompetition of children's song "Chunga-Changa". The award was presented to him by Joseph Kobzon himself, and this was a landmark event. In his native city with him very actively engaged in the vocal coach Elena Kahn, largely thanks to which the singing biography of Bilan took place. By the way, it was with the sponsor's help of the mentor that the first clip of the singer was recorded on the composition "Autumn", which was first sounded on MTV. In 2000, Dima came to Moscow and entered the music school. Gnesinyh on the vocal department.

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In the third year, fate smiled at the young singer: it was noticed by producer Yuri Aizenshpis. After this event, Bilan's biography received a new direction and even a new name: it was on the advice of producer Viktor Belan that he took another name, Dima Bilan, as more scenic. His debut on the big stage took place in 2002 in Jurmala at the festival "New Wave". With the song "Boom" the fourth place was taken by Dima Bilan. Soon after that, the singer started to shoot a video for her, then the videos followed one after another. It was glory. By the end of 2003, he had released the first album "I'm a night hooligan". A year later, another appeared - "On the shore of the sky." At the same time, work began on an English-language album.

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2005 started with a struggle for participation in theEurovision Song Contest. His composition "Not that simple" took only second place, losing in the rating to Natalia Podolskaya, but it was already clear that the singer would not give up his dream. However, this year brought and a great misfortune - suddenly died Yuri Aizenshpis. The pupil strongly experienced this tragedy. The pain of loss was further exacerbated by the claims of the late producer's family to Bilan: the widow claimed her rights to the Dima Bilan brand with all the ensuing consequences. It was necessary in court to prove the right to a pseudonym and independent creativity. It happened in 2008, and since then its producer was Yana Rudkovskaya.

Meanwhile, active creative workstopped. In 2006 he got to Eurovision and with the hit "Never Let You Go" was in 2nd place. He returned here again in 2008 and has already left with a victory.

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The singer is awarded many prizes and awards: two awards of the festival "Golden Gramophone", 3 Muz-TV awards: "Best Performer of the Year", "Best Album", "Best Performer of the Year". This is not a complete list of titles and awards. "Singer of the Year" and "Beloved Citizen of Russia" - this is also Bilan.

Biography, nationality, singer's personal lifealways worried about fans and fans. If very briefly, "the face of Caucasian nationality" Belan Viktor Nikolaevich is Russian, who grew up in the national republic. Personal life? He is credited with romances with one or the other girl. The first time the press actively discussed the upcoming wedding of the singer with the model of Elena Klutskaya. And in the last year next to his name sounds a different name - Julia Krylova. We have to admit that for all publicity the personal life of the stars remains closed. Bielan's biography is no exception. However, only one thing is important: that he continues to delight the audience with his talent and charm.

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