Armenian cognac is a drink that has alreadya few dozen years is a favorite among the population of our country. Long since the lands of this incredibly beautiful country were considered the most suitable for the maintenance of vineyards. Even some of Herodotus's writings speak of what beautiful wines were here centuries ago. Each wine grower bit by bit collected all the secrets of wine and cognac production, and then tried to pass all this knowledge by inheritance.

That's up to now, not only have we managed to preserve,but also to multiply all the secrets to create such a fragrant and delicious drink. To date, Armenian plants produce not only ordinary, but also vintage, as well as collection cognacs. Since the assortment of these drinks on the shelves in the store is unthinkable, we will try to tell you in more detail about one of the most popular brands of Armenian-made cognac.

Armenian cognac Stone Land

Armenian cognac Stone Land
Translated into Russian, the name of this cognacmeans "Country of Stones". And it was not without reason that such a name was given to this drink. After all, Armenia is really a country of stones and an incredible variety of fruits, including grapes. For more than one hundred and thirty years in the territory of Armenia, brandy has been produced.

The main plant for the production of cognac spirits with1932 is the Ararat Cognac Factory, in which the Stone Land cognac is still produced. Thanks to the presence of all necessary shops to create a drink and own raw materials, the plant managed to create this masterpiece of the alcohol industry. Moreover, the undoubted advantage of this brand is the budget price. Therefore, almost everyone can afford to enjoy the taste and aroma of this noble drink.

Assortment of brand

Ararat Cognac Factory provides quite awide choice of cognac brand Stone Land. The assortment of this drink consists of three-, five-, seven-, ten-, fifteen- and twenty-year cognac, produced in the volume of 0.2 liters and 0.5 liters. In addition to the standard form of packaging in the form of a beautiful bottle, you can also buy cognac in a gift box or tuba. Which is very convenient if you decide to give this drink in honor of an event.

Five-year cognac Stone Land

Cognac Stone Land 5
It is quite a strong drink made onbased grape alcohols, age not less than five years. Cognac Stone Land 5 stars has an incredibly beautiful amber-brown color with golden shimmering overflows. The fragrance, consisting of oak notes, a light tail of flowers and a drop of dried fruits with vanilla, will drive any connoisseur of this drink crazy. The taste of cognac completely reflects the basic tone of the aroma, supplemented by honey and chocolate notes.

It is best to use such cognac as digestivor adding it to coffee. But also in the composition of various alcoholic cocktails Stone Land excellently shows all its flavor and aromatic qualities. Armenian cognac of five-year-old aging is an ordinary drink, that's why it is perfect for daily drinking and festive feasts.

Seven-year-old cognac Stone Land

Cognac Stone Land 7
An even stronger drink, which is attributed tocategories of vintage. Cognac Stone Land 7 stars is incredibly popular not only at home, but throughout the country as a whole. Only selective and natural ingredients are used to create this noble drink, which is why you can be absolutely calm that no chemistry and no harmful substances in its composition will be found.

Blending of several alcohols allows cognacto find a unique aroma of rich woody tones, vanilla drops and light chocolate notes, accompanied by fruit and caramel shades. An excellent option for a festive table, especially for creating strong alcoholic cocktails. Special connoisseurs of taste and aroma of this drink are recommended to use it only in pure form. This cognac is not a shame to buy for a gift, because, despite its fairly affordable price, it has the best taste.

Reviews of cognac

Cognac Stone Land reviews
Based on hundreds of reviews on Stone cognacLand, we can say with confidence that this is the best representative in this price segment. This drink - an ideal option for lovers of sweet, slightly sugary cognac with pronounced aromas of fruits, berries and caramel.

The best snacks for cognac

Cognac Stone Land
In order to fully reveal the tastestrong alcoholic drink, you need a culinary accompaniment. In this section we will look at the most popular snacks that are suitable for cognac. Contrary to the established stereotype it is not necessary to bite cognac with lemon, as it will only break the whole sensation from the drink with its sharp taste. One of the best options for a snack is always cheese, which perfectly shades the aroma of cognac and allows you to feel its taste as long as possible.

The most suitable products for snacksare fruits such as pears, grapes and strawberries. Different varieties of nuts served with honey, low-fat veal meat, as well as seafood are perfectly combined with the taste of strong alcohol. Especially delicious turns out, if you dipped into a honey skewer with cheese and nuts and eat a sip of cognac. If you have a little more free time and want to surprise the guests with something more interesting than a cheese or fruit plate, then the next recipe is for you!

Mix in a bowl two hundred grams of choppednuts, one hundred grams of cottage cheese and the same amount of feta. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients and add a handful of chopped basil. From the received mass roll balls and send on half an hour in a refrigerator. A ready-made snack can also be served with honey.

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