If you do not know how to cook strawberry jam,then this article is what you need. A sweet dessert will delight you all year round. It will become an ornament of any table, even a festive one. The preparation of jam from strawberries is a very difficult, but very pleasant experience. So, arm yourself with the necessary ingredients and a good mood!

preparation of strawberry jam

Gem from strawberries. Recipe. Components

You will need a kilogram of select freshstrawberries, two lemons (their peel and juice) and a kilogram of heated granulated sugar. As you can see, you need very little ingredients, and jam turns out to be simply stunning.

jam from strawberry recipe

Fast preparation of strawberry jam

To begin with, rinse the berries thoroughly, remove allsuperfluous. In other words, you should have only the main product itself - without tails and garbage. Take the volumetric pan and pour the strawberry into it. Grind lemon zest on a small grater and add to berries. Then pour the lemon juice, squeezed out of two large fruits, and mix everything thoroughly. The resulting mass put on a fire and bring to a boil. After five minutes, add a kilogram of warm sugar. Bring the mixture back to the boil again, then leave the jam to cook for twenty minutes. Remove all foam from the surface with a noise. Then turn off the heat and leave the jam for a while. Minutes after ten, mix it, so that the berries are distributed more evenly. Prepare small sterilized jars and spread them ready-made delicacy. Close the jars tightly. We can try jam in three weeks! Store the dessert in a cool, preferably dark place.

how to cook strawberry jam

Preparation of jam from strawberries. Secrets of experienced housewives

When you read the recipe, you couldthere are questions about the advisability of using lemon peel or warmed sugar. Let us clarify these points. To get a good and useful jam, it should contain substances such as pectin, sugar and acid. As for pectin, it is quite a lot in ordinary fruits, and it is produced when heated. Lemon acid helps dissolve pectin, and also is responsible for the consistency of jam, that is, for its congealing. If you take cold granulated sugar, then the overall temperature of the jam will go down, which means that the congealing will not go right. In general, if you start to go into more detail, preparing a jam from strawberries is a pretty tricky process. Of course, sugar is not really necessary. However, if you have the time, sprinkle it with a thin layer on a baking sheet and put it in the oven. The temperature should be at least one hundred degrees. In ten minutes it will warm up well, and it will be possible to pour it on the berries.


If you do not like this methodcooking, use others. For example, there is a recipe that provides for the addition of apple juice. You will need a kilogram of strawberries, one glass of freshly squeezed juice (apple) and one kilogram of granulated sugar. This delicacy is prepared in the same way as jam with lemon zest, but instead of the latter, juice is poured in. Good cooking, and remember that the most important thing in the kitchen is to have inspiration!

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