Cactus "Queen of the Night" - rare and uniqueplant. Its unique glory, it earned by the fact that it blossoms only once a year, and even then only at night. Cactus "Queen of the Night" is also called a dragon flower.

There is a beautiful legend associated with it.

cactus queen of the night

There is a belief that thousands of years agoa certain kingdom rules a certain queen. She was kind, generous and very pretty, and so much that she was embarrassed by her beauty and did not show herself to her subjects. She left her castle only once a year - the darkest night. She walked around her small possessions and left gifts and letters at the doors of her people's houses. People, having woken up in the morning, discovered these gifts and were happy. They simply worshiped their queen.

But all good things come to an end sooner or later. The end of the peaceful life in this kingdom came. Nobody knows about where this evil dragon came from and why he decided to attack precisely this small kingdom. But he demanded to build himself huge chambers of gold and precious stones, carpet the floors. The dragon warned that if the inhabitants of a small kingdom did not fulfill his demands, he would eat every day by the most beautiful girl. People were desperate, because all they had was love and kindness. They were so poor that they did not even have carpets. But they could not explain the evil dragon - he just wanted to listen to them. And then a beautiful queen came out to meet the fire-breathing serpent.

cactus queen of the night photo
She asked him not to touch the defenseless people andinvited him to eat himself instead of all the beauties of the kingdom. The dragon became thoughtful and promised not to touch anyone, but on the condition that the queen would give him all her beauty, and she herself would become an ugly monster like him. The girl gladly agreed and stretched out her arms to the beast. At that very moment the terrible fire-breathing monster turned into the most beautiful woman, and the queen - into a completely unattractive prickly cactus, somewhat reminiscent of a winged serpent.

But whatever appearance, nothing candestroy the beauty of the soul. Since then and until now, one night in the year, the cactus "Queen of the Night" gives people a wonderful flower that can heal broken hearts. After all, kindness and a generous heart are eternal, unlike beauty, which blossoms and fades.

cactus photo and name
Cactus "Queen of the Night" is used in homeopathy. Most of all, its young stems and flowers, of which the tincture is made, are valued. In medicine, when applying extracts from this plant, the source material is carefully examined first, as it often happens that unscrupulous suppliers bring not the cactus "Queen of the Night" (the photo is attached), but the prickly pear is an ordinary one.

The resulting homeopathic remedy is usedin the treatment of angina pectoris, neuroses, to restore a weak cardiac muscle. However, almost all cacti (photos and names are given) are often used in homeopathy, but their healing properties are still very few. None of the researchers have yet produced any precise data on the effect of alkaloids contained in the cactus, which have a positive effect on the heart.

Currently, the cactus "Queen of the Night" more and moreand attracts more attention of scientists engaged in the development and research of drugs intended for improving cardiac activity. After all, as it is said in the legend, this cactus can cure sick human hearts. It may well turn out that in this unsightly flower lies the salvation of the lives of many thousands of people. As in the legend.

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