Gourami pygmy - a small aquarium fish,which occurs in aquarists much less than other underwater inhabitants, and although this species appeared in our country since 1954, it has been known for a very long time.

Fish belongs to the family of macro-species, specieslabyrinth. You can say that these are the smallest representatives of this family. Gourami pygmy in the world is known as Trichopsis pumilus. This is a schooling and very peaceful fish, which for sparkling scales are often called dwarf gushers sparkling or sparkling. In addition, these fish are unique in that they can make certain sounds that resemble a cricket song. For this ability gurus often call a grumbler or a talker.

goury dwarfish


Pygmy gourami pumila is found in the east andSouth Asia - in the waters of Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia. This small fish is quite comfortable in small ponds, small streams and streams, in canals in rice fields and in ordinary ditches. In a word, she needs standing water or having minimal current, a little oxygen and a lot of plants. Gourami pygmy is able to survive in difficult conditions.


The name of this little girl speaks for itself. In translation, it means "dwarfish". Its maximum size does not exceed four centimeters.

 gourami dwarf sparkling

The body is elongated with gurium, and somewhat flattened laterally. The main distinguishing feature is a short dorsal fin and a little pointed at the tip, a tail.

The most common color is green. A light olive shade is possible. The sides are slightly lighter colored than the back, the abdomen (like the caudal peduncle) has a white-green tone.

From the stigma along the length of the trunk goes thin, which consists of dark blue or blue spots, a line. Over it and under it you can see more rare and light green spots.

The breast and eyes have a pink tinge. Fins, (except for the thoracic and abdominal) are green with a gently blue luster, covered with a dark crab, along the edge there is a bright red edging. This is one of the variants of coloring, except for it there are many more variations.

 gourami pygmy pumila

Sexual differences

To distinguish a male gurami from a female is not at all difficult. Representatives of the male are noticeably larger, have longer fins. In addition, and painted, they are much brighter and more attractive than their friends.


Dwarf gourami, photo of which you cansee in this article - a timid creature and shy, so aquarists with experience recommend keeping them in groups. In such a flock there is a strict hierarchy, which is observed by all the fish. The role of "leader" takes on the most powerful male.

 gourami dwarfish content

If the gurus of the pygmy pumila are contained ina small aquarium, then the owner can soon notice aggressive behavior towards weak individuals. When there is enough space, this situation is not so acute.

Gourami dwarf: content

These fish are pretty comfortable in a normal aquarium, but they feel better in the species. There are no special difficulties in their content.

The capacity should be chosen at a rate of 30 liters perevery ten inhabitants. The aquarium should not be too tall, and it is desirable that it should have an oblong shape. It is better if its length is not less than 35 cm, water is poured about 20 cm. For most fish of this species, a lid is required that prevents cold air from entering and protects the inhabitants from colds.

House decoration for gourami

Soil in this case it is desirable to choose a medium-sized, silty, dark color. It should place pebbles, driftwood, make grottoes and caves.

On the perimeter of the aquarium it is necessary to plant greenalgae, where your pets can hide if necessary. For this, vallisneria, pericolor, echinodorus and other plants, which grow not too densely, will perfectly suit.

Dwarf Gourami Photo

Water requirements and lighting

Since the dwarf gourami - a thermophilic fish,the temperature of the water should be maintained at least +23 - + 26 degrees. Lighting should not be made too bright. It is quite enough fluorescent light power of 0.5 W / l.

If the aquarium is small, and the occupants are more than normal in it, additional aeration is important for gurami. In addition, you must install both external and internal filters.


In nature, gurus feed on all kinds of insects inhabiting water bodies. In the aquarium, they are happy to eat and vegetable, and frozen, and live food.

They quickly get used to flakes or granules. To fish has reached the maximum size and got a beautiful color, it needs a bloodworm, a pipe man, a daphnia.


Because of the miniature size, gurus can not live in the same aquarium with large and predatory fish. Overly active and fast fishes are not very suitable for the neighborhood.

Very similar species will not do. For example, cockerels constantly drive dwarfs. Therefore, it is best to plant them in a species aquarium. If there is no such possibility, then the neighbors should choose a peaceful, small size. To those include neon iris, rasborov, laliusov and others.


If you want to breed dwarf gourami, thenyou will need spawning. Its volume should not be less than 30 liters. Breeding is carried out in accordance with the traditional requirements for the reproduction of aquarium fish.

Fifteen days before spawning beginsproducers are fed live feeds. Then they are moved to a container filled with water up to 15 cm. Its temperature should be + 27 degrees, stiffness - 10, acidity not higher than 7.

goury dwarfish

At the rear glass of the spawner are plantedplants with broad leaves, since the nest, the construction of which the father is engaged in, should be under them. For this, cryptocrites and echinodorus are suitable.

The male builds a nest of foam and after completionhe invites a female into it, which begins to spawn. Eggs appear whole bundles (6 pieces each). Father very neatly separates them and delivers them to the constructed nest. One spawn up to 300 eggs.

Initially, the young are fed infusorians. Gradually, the diet includes nauplii crustaceans.

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