For a woman, pregnancy is very excitingperiod. At this time in her body a new little man is born, which in nine months will be born. To the baby was born healthy, you need to start caring for him already when he is still in the stomach.

can I have pregnant women rolls
At all pregnancy passes differently. Some suffer from toxicosis, and someone wants to try non-standard product combinations. There are women who want to eat everything.

We'll figure it out!

Some are drawn to Japanese food. For example, one day a woman wanted to order rolls. Pregnant should think carefully to decide on the use of such a dish. In order to make it easier for you, we will tell you a little about this Japanese food. Also we will touch on the question of whether pregnant women can have rolls.

What kind of food is this?

So, rolls are a kind of well-known sushi. Of course, such foods are exotic for us.

rolls to pregnant women
Rolls entered our everyday diet. Most likely, this Japanese dish does not cause any fear, because it consists of rice, nori (this is a leaf of dried algae) and fillings. Some people do not think of life without these Japanese rolls.

Let's see, is it possible to eat rolls pregnant? Will this affect the health of the mother and her fetus? Now we will discuss.

What are rolls made of?

Let's analyze these Japanese rolls byelements of which they are composed. The basis of rolls is rice. This ingredient in them is the most. If we consider this product separately, then it is very useful. Rice saturates our body with essential microelements and vitamins.

The second ingredient of rolls is nori (leafpressed algae). It is used as a wrapper for these rice rolls. Nori contains the necessary element - iodine. It turns out that the answer to the question of whether it is possible for pregnant women to eat rolls is positive? But not everything is so simple. If these rolls consisted only of these ingredients, then yes, but it's worth paying attention to the filling. This is where the danger lurks, and also the reason that some categorical doctors do not advise girls in an interesting position such a dish as rolls.

Is it possible to eat rolls pregnant?
If we talk about classical optionscooking of this food, then there is used as a filling fish fillet (raw, unprocessed). It is this that poses a threat to a woman who is in a position, as in such a product there may be nematodes, worms and other parasites. In a pregnant woman, they can cause not only poisoning the body, but also lead to a lack of nutritional elements in the fetus. By the way, parasites can also cause a miscarriage.

Of course, frozen fillets can now be used, and not raw fish, but even in that case, one should not rely on 100% safety of this ingredient.

These are all the reasons why pregnant women areto refuse rolls? No, there is one more unwanted ingredient - it's ginger. Doctors call it a strong allergen, which can cause a hives attack. And even those who are not addicted to allergies are affected. During the period of gestation, the body is rebuilt, so an allergic attack can happen, even if before that mom did not have any reaction to ginger.

Vegetarian option

To date, there is a large numbervarious rolls. There are even with vegetables. There are rolls that are heat treated in the oven. The filling of such rolls can also be very different. There are also branded rolls, the filling of which is thought through by the chef himself. So, let's sum up ... Can I have pregnant women? Yes, you can use, but not all, and even without seasonings.

How to be?

How to make rolls the mostare safe for a woman in position? You can cook them yourself at home. If you do them yourself, you can be sure of the naturalness and purity of the food, as well as the hypoallergenicity of all components. Prepare such rolls at home will not make a special friend. So that you will not be bored, involve your husband in the joint creation of the rolls. So you will spend a wonderful evening, which will end with an unusual dinner.

Can Sushi Rolls be Pregnant?
So, if you do not even during pregnancyyou can refuse the use of Japanese delicacies, then in this, in general, there is nothing wrong. But you need to be very scrupulous in choosing the rolls, avoid those that include raw seafood. After all during this period you are responsible not only for yourself, but for the future child, and in such a case reinsurance is far from superfluous.

Is it possible for pregnant sushi? Rolls are possible, but not all, but how are things with these delights of Japanese cuisine? Sushi consists of the same rice, nori and stuffing, just the look they have is slightly different. Hence, we conclude that you can eat them, but, again, you need to look at the ingredients. Now you know the answer to the question of whether pregnant women can have rolls.

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