The content of cats in modern apartments is connectedwith certain difficulties. This is most noticeable at the onset of the mating season, when the animal tends to mate and literally does not give rest to the masters. And cats, moreover, also mark the territory, because of which a sharp unpleasant smell is set in the house, which is very difficult to remove.

In addition, sexually active animals,especially those who walk alone on their own, have a short life expectancy. The street is a source of great danger for cats. They often die under the wheels of cars and at the hands of cruel people, get various injuries, communicate and fight with homeless animals, get infected and dangerous, including people, with illnesses.

Therefore, planting a seal, most of the ownersare configured to perform a sterilization or castration operation. At what age do you have to castrate a cat? It is believed that this operation is necessary in the period when the pet has already formed the genitourinary system, but he does not yet know what is knitting.

Early castration is not welcome (up to 10months), as this can lead to problems with the genitourinary system. Also do not advise to hold out until the time when the cat is already sexually active and has experience of breeding. It is believed that such a cat, although not capable of reproductive activity, will continue to mark corners and demand a cat according to old memory.

Is it worth it to castrate a cat whose agemuch more than recommended? Definitely can not be said. Veterinarians have different opinions about how much to castrate a cat and whether it is worthwhile to castrate an adult cats with experience of sexual life. Of course, every animal is individual, and everyone behaves differently. It is impossible to guess ahead how the behavior of the cat after castration will change. However, many owners who have performed surgery for cats that have attained 5 or more years claim that castration has yielded a 100% result, and it does not matter at what age to castrate the cat. As a rule, most cats in this case stop asking for a cat, do not rush to the street, become calm, good-natured and very affectionate. Those animals that are not limited in independent walks, spend more time at home and even return to games. As for landmarks, in the first few months a castrated adult cat continues to notice the corners in the house by inertia, but the smell is not so sharp. Gradually this habit of the animal disappears. Therefore, there is no single answer to the question of the age at which the cat is castrated.

As a rule, castrated cats live longer. They become more clean, and they no longer produce the unpleasant odor characteristic of cats during the mating season. All their skills are completely preserved by the hunter. In no way does castration affect their wits and character traits, except that the aggressiveness inherent in them during the "cat's weddings" is lost.

Operation for castration of a cat is simple enough,because it affects only the external genitalia. Caring for the cat after the operation is minimal. The main thing is to monitor the animal immediately after getting out of anesthesia, when the cat is not quite adequate, and coordination of movements is broken due to relaxation of the muscles.

It is believed that castrated cats stronglyget fat. In fact, the fullness is more often associated with the constitution of the animal and overfeeding. It is known that non-castrated cats that are fed "for slaughter", too, are very thick. However, after castration, nutrition should become somewhat different, since the genitourinary system becomes vulnerable in cats and a tendency to develop urolithiasis appears.

Castrated cat should be fed little by little, butoften. Fish from the diet is best excluded, because the microelements contained in it can harm the castrated animal. Meals should consist of beef, poultry, chicken offal, vegetables, cereals. Be sure to give yogurt and cottage cheese. Drinking should be present in unlimited quantities. And, of course, a castrated cat should not be overfed.

So, at what age do you have to castrate a cat and it's worthDoes it even do this? Everyone must decide this for himself. If the cat is not a valuable producer of thoroughbred kittens and lives in a city apartment, then the decision on castration is completely justified.

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