There were times when every mistress in Russiaknew what a tub. And I did not just know, but I had a dozen in the household, or even a couple of dozen containers. Practicality of wooden utensils is highly appreciated by modern mistresses.

What is a tub

So, what is a tub? It is a wooden cylindrical container, girded with a metal rim. In the farm there are many applications for this type of dishes, and we will consider the most current.

Wet apples or pickles - choose you

Connoisseurs of environmentally friendly products are readysing ode to wooden tubs. These containers are indispensable if you decide to pickle fish or ferment kale, for example. When the container and product come into contact, physico-chemical reactions take place, and as a result, the properties of the latter change. A natural material, of course, does not have toxic substances. When salting in a tub the probability of mold is reduced to zero. Wood is an excellent insulating material: it does not allow food to overheat, so dishes with contents can be kept in a cool place or cellar.

Yes, with pots for plants - long live tubs!

Perhaps you will be a little surprised whenlearn that a wooden container can be used not only for pickling and sourcing products. Fans of ornamental plants found the original application of the tub. Using such a capacity as a pot, you will be able to plant absolutely any area - for example, roofs and terraces.

tub for what

In tubs you can grow the most exoticplants, because in this case the soil does not mix with the rest of the soil in the garden. In addition, flowers and trees in wooden containers are reliably protected from various diseases and parasites. What is a tub in gardening? It is a creative and practical container for growing healthy plants.

The tub - why else use a container of wood?

There are no end to the ways of using tubs. Well, or almost not. Experienced winemakers and brewers with the experience on the question of what a tubing, meet with special confidence. They know that a container made from natural wood is perfectly suitable for the production of wort. Often used wooden utensils and for storage of grain: in a tub good circulation of air, so, the contents do not damp.

Tub for what

As you can see, a container of natural woodabsolutely has not lost its relevance, and even, on the contrary - has found a second life. It is necessary to get at least one tub, and you will understand how this item is irreplaceable in the household.

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