If we consider agriculture precisely asbusiness, the main issue will always remain the search for a market. If to remain the last link in front of the final consumer, that is, to sell agricultural products, disappointments and disappointment will become inevitable companions, albeit not fatal. Unjustified expectations for purchase prices, crop failure, fluctuations in the dollar rate, other problems - all this significantly spoils the mood. Why not move a little in the business chain, because the most necessary thing in agriculture is the source: seeds, seedlings, breeding young, tools, that is, means for farming. The cost of production is much higher, and the sales market is completely different.

the most necessary thing in agriculture

Young people: the most necessary thing in agriculture

Livestock and poultry farming was and remainsthe main source of meat, milk and eggs. Farmers are well aware of the importance of choosing the right breed, whatever they do. Good laying hens, meat or bacon pigs - all sections of any livestock sector rely on the purchase of pedigree stock.

Tribal farming can be much moreprofitable than just growing on meat, a dairy farm or something like that. For example, in pigs this is very well seen. Private farmsteads can afford interbreeding to obtain progeny intended for fattening, but a relatively large farm is already looking for the most productive breeds. It turns out that the most necessary thing in agriculture is a reliable and properly adapted breed, good genetic data of pedigree youngsters.

the most profitable business in agriculture

Seedlings and seeds: without which there will be no shoots?

Another most necessary thing in ruralfarm, just in a parallel branch is the cultivation of seedlings and varietal seeds. Selection has always been a difficult and extremely honorable business. The prices here are an order of magnitude higher than just for food, because this is the source, which will allow the manufacturer to optimize the process of growing the product.

It turns out that the most profitable business inagriculture - is to provide the manufacturer with quality raw materials. This includes the production of tools, fertilizers and all sorts of technologies. However, if we consider agriculture as a business, it is worth paying attention to the cultivation of purebred youngsters and varietal seeds - the demand will always be!

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