Today it is very sad to watch how everyoneMore and more children spend their time in front of computers and TV screens. Well than useful such leisure? The only result will be scoliosis and poor vision. But those parents who really care about the health and development of their baby, will get useful and developing toys for him.

rocking horse
This includes a rocking horse. It has always been and will be popular among representatives of each generation, and even our great-grandmothers remember such products with love and trembling. They can be called immortal, because the first time a child rocking horse appeared in the 5th century BC in Greece. And today, after a huge number of years, these toys are traditional for many peoples of the world.

Choose and buy a horse in our time is not difficult,the market represents a lot of various rocking pens. And it does not matter what material it is made of, or what color and size. The main thing in this toy is that it is not only bright and interesting for the child, but also very useful for its health and development.

horse rocking horse
First of all, the rocking horse is positiveaffects the coordination of movements, dexterity, vestibular apparatus, it is even capable of stimulating motor skills. Each child constantly wants to swing on an armchair, on a chair or on any other subject. And this is not because the kid wants to indulge, he subconsciously feels the need for movements of this kind. Therefore, if there is a rocking horse in the house, the parents will be calm for the safety and health of the child. But the rocking on a stool innocuous occupation can hardly be called.

Plus, in the process of playing with such a horsekids not only ride on it, but also try to communicate with the animal and take care of it. They so like to feed the "pet", iron it, comb his mane and tail! Such a game causes the child tenderness, love and forms a sense of responsibility.

baby rocking chair
Buying such a toy, think, first of all,about the safety of the baby. For example, a rocking horse is best for very young children, who all try to taste. The child will carry the toy for the wooden tail, lick the ears, kiss the horse, and the parents will not worry that the wool can get into the baby's respiratory tract. But for children from two years old and older a chic gift will be a bright horse, upholstered in wool.

In order for the baby to sit confidently on the toy andnot afraid to fall, it should be equipped with foot and hand support. And for a rocking horse to be interesting to the child for more than one year, such devices must be removed.

Be sure to pay attention to the range of rocking toys. If she falls very heavily forward or deviates back, the child may get scared and never again go to the toy.

Of course, it is not necessarily this animal, youyou can buy a tiger or an elephant, but psychologists insist on a rocking horse. It is associated with horse riding, so it is easier for a child to identify her with a real pet.

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