In the mysterious world of children's products, the brand FisherPrice is associated primarily with wonderful developing toys. However, on closer examination in the collection of the brand for the youngest, you can notice incredibly comfortable Fisher Price - chaise longues, rocking chairs and cradles. Today we will talk about these unusual interior items in our review.

Brand History

The history of the famous "toy" brand beganin the 1930s. The founders of Fisher Price Irving Price and Herman Fisher decided to combine their efforts to create toys that develop imagination. So there was a funny duck Doctor Doodle, dog Snoopy and a boy on a cart of Coaster Boy.

During the war, the production of goods forpreschoolers was suspended - after ten years of active activity, the company began manufacturing containers for medicines and individual parts for aircraft. In the postwar years, because of the lack of wood for toys Fisher Price was found an alternative material - plastic.

Twenty years later, the company opened its owngame laboratory, in which specialists watched how the kids spend their time. This helped develop unusual toys for early development.

In the early 80-ies in the range there was a new category - "Equipment for children", within which began to produce children's chairs, cribs, high chairs and other products.

To date, Fisher Price - one of the most successful brands, because the main experts in it are children.

fisher price chaise lounges

A gift for parents or a useless thing?

Sun beds for newborns began to produceabout twenty years ago. Novelties caused genuine bewilderment among young parents and a doubt in the need to buy another accessory for the baby. But already in the first days of use, mom and dad admit they were wrong. The rocking chair (price - from 2000 to 10 000 rubles) was not a useless object.

The dream of a newborn is an unpredictable thing. Some children sleep for days on end, while others hardly fit for half an hour. No matter how hard the young mother tries, she can not devote all her free time to the baby. For cleaning, cooking and washing, you also need to give time, but what will the kid do? To help newly arrived parents come Fisher Price sunbeds, in which most children love to play, relax and watch adults.

Charming animals

One of the most popular models is the "Fisher Price" chair with soothing vibrations and funny little animals.

In an ergonomic seat the baby will be comfortable, andSoft fabric is ready for any surprises. A little gimmick will help indulge a bright game board with three little animals. Different colors and textures stimulate motor and tactile skills, as well as vision.

swing fisher price

According to information from the manufacturer,Chaise Lounge Fisher Price is suitable for babies who can sit without assistance. The weight limit is a maximum of 11.3 kg. Safety is provided by anti-skid legs and three-point belts. The design itself is very light and takes up little space.

Friends from the rainforest

Swing Fisher Price "Friends from the Rainforest"- another hit in the world of children's goods. Many parents recommend this device, which combines a stationary chair for a baby and a swing.

Thanks to the special SmartSwing technology, you canindependently choose one of six swing speeds, suitable for the child. In addition, the program automatically determines the weight of the baby - this means that as you grow up, the speed will not slow down.

rocking chair price

When the sway function is turned off, the productTurns into a comfortable chaise lounge for daytime sleep with soothing vibrations and the sounds of nature. During the wake of the child will be entertained by musical tunes and two charming friends - a lion and an elephant.

Swing Fisher Price will be the best assistant foryoung mother. A small weight and size, an ergonomic seat, musical accompaniment, non-slip feet and a comfortable handle are just some of the advantages of the product from the American manufacturer.

Growing up with the baby

Most rockers and chairs have limitations onweight, for example, not more than 11.5 kilograms. However, there are in the collection of Fisher Price chaise longues, designed for children from birth to 2-3 years. For older age, the manufacturer recommends using the product for food and games.

chair fisher price

In the "Growing Together" collection there is a rocking chair(the price is from 5000 rubles). The design in pink colors, a charming rabbit and a game panel with flowers and a butterfly will certainly come in taste to the little princesses.

Main characteristics:

  • deep comfortable seat;
  • folding backrest;
  • bright gaming panel;
  • light construction weight;
  • function of vibration;
  • material that easily carries machine wash.

Another model of the chaise lounge is suitable for bothboys, and for girls. Charming little animals on the game panel will carry the kid into the real jungle. Fisher Price "Funny monkeys from the rainforest" on the functional does not differ from the previous model - the chair is also designed for children weighing up to 18 kg.

chaise longue

Choosing a chaise longue

The variety of goods from children's stores sometimes puts parents at a dead end, so the choice of a chaise longue must be approached responsibly.

Pay attention to the following features:

  1. Stability of construction.
  2. Anatomic back.
  3. Seat belts.
  4. The presence of handles for carrying.
  5. Sun visor.
  6. Arc for toys.
  7. Upholstery material.
  8. Possibility of folding.

Fisher Price - chaise lounges, which are fullymeet the safety requirements. All models are equipped with a vibration function that will help calm the baby. Contrast toys on the panel invariably attract the look of a small fidget and give the young mother time for doing household tasks.

jungle fisher price

Fundamental rules

A chaise longue or swing is a thing, certainly, comfortable. However, its use requires that parents comply with certain rules.

  1. Time limit. Experienced pediatricians believe that the child should not be in the chair for more than two hours in a row. This product, despite its ergonomics, can not replace the baby's bed, and a long stay in a state of "reclining" will adversely affect the fragile spine.
  2. Do not carry a chaise longue with the help of an arc for toys. Move the product without the child, using special handles.
  3. Do not forget about seat belts.
  4. Place the chair only on a hard surface.
  5. Do not leave the baby on a deckchair unattended.

Models equipped with vibration, music andlight effects, are more expensive. However, a large number of functions or the reputation of the manufacturer does not mean that it is this chaise lounge that your kid will like. First of all, it is worth considering the comfort of the baby, and afterwards about the entertainment.

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