Pregnancy at all times was considered a giftover, but because the girls in the position of revered and protected. A modern woman, who is in much better conditions than her ancestors, needs not so much in physical as in vitamin protection.

Vitamins are necessary for pregnant women formaintaining their body in good shape, to enhance immunity, to prepare for future childbirth. But most importantly, vitamins are needed because the organism of the future mother works for two: on her and on the yet unborn child. The health of future crumbs depends on the health of the mother, so she is prescribed vitamins, because hypovitaminosis is fraught with negative consequences.

What vitamins to drink during pregnancy? This is a serious question, which can not be answered promptly, since this process takes place individually for everyone, and, consequently, vitamins should also be prescribed strictly depending on the state of health of the future mother.

What vitamins are useful to pregnant women?

Let's understand in order, what vitaminsdrink during pregnancy? First, they are vitamins of group B: B6, B12 and B9. Vitamin B6 is responsible for the production of amino acids that synthesize proteins. We emphasize that vitamin B6 participates in the process of hematopoiesis and contributes to the regulation of the processes of inhibition of the nervous system of women suffering during pregnancy with irritation, tearfulness and aggression.

In addition to vitamin B6, the use ofvitamin B9, responsible for the processes of renewal and restoration of tissue cells in the mother and for the formation of placental tissue, as well as the blood vessels in the womb of the woman.

Lack of vitamin B12 threatens with cessationdevelopment of a fertilized egg, as well as the risk of miscarriage in the early stages. It is noteworthy that experts advise to start taking this vitamin already at the stage of pregnancy planning, as it reduces the risk of miscarriages. But if a woman has multiple miscarriages, then she is sent to pass the test to determine the level of vitamin B12 in the female body.

An important role for the implementation of processesmetabolism and as an antioxidant plays and vitamin E (tocopherol); calcium is also needed to form the skeleton of the fetus, the presence of iron, iodine and zinc is necessary.

All listed vitamins should by all meansto act with the mother's blood to the fetus so that it can develop properly. And in the mother's body vitamins come from both food products and as a result of taking special vitamin complexes.

What vitamin complexes are useful for pregnant women?

Modern pharmaceutical industryoffers future mothers a huge selection of mineral complexes and vitamins, but, nevertheless, the problem of what vitamins to drink during pregnancy, remains on the conscience of the attending physician and the patient herself.

A specialist can prescribe different vitamins to a future mother, but "Vitrum Prenatal" and "Alphabet" for pregnant women are considered to be generally accepted.

Vitamins for pregnant women Vitrum Prenatalare an enriched complex consisting of vitamins and minerals. The components that make up it contribute to the proper laying and development of the brain of the future baby, have a beneficial effect both on the health of the mother and the child. The preparation contains vitamins A, E, B, C, D, as well as iron, calcium and zinc.

Vitamins Alphabet for pregnant women are also useful: they contain not only calcium, folic acid, but also phosphorus. This vitamin preparation is aimed at preparing a woman's organism for childbirth, it is prescribed during lactation, since it does not cause an allergic reaction in women.

Do not forget that before you starttaking multivitamins, you, as a future mother, should undergo a full medical examination. And only after that the obstetrician-gynecologist together with you should solve a problem of what vitamins to drink at pregnancy.

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