We are happy - we laugh, we are sad - we cryor simply feel sadness. Moods change often, but, as a rule, their change always takes place for some reason. Sharp mood swings do not bring anything good.

Just imagine: a man laughs and enjoys life, but in a moment everything changes, and he does not want to see anyone. This prevents him from interacting normally with other people. Mood swings also prevent him from engaging in any particular business, building his life.

There's nothing wrong with that moodchanged for one day in itself many times - it is quite possible that you are just tired or not slept well. It's worse when a person can not control their emotions at all times. Mood swings can cause many troubles. Do not justify yourself and other people who can not control emotions, complex character.

What are mood swings and what are they related to?

What is the mood? In fact, this is nothing more than a set of stable emotions that do not leave a person for a long (relatively long) period of time. Disorders of mood in men are much less common than in women. Does this mean that women are more emotional? Yes, it means.

Women suffer more stress, joy in themcan for a second be replaced by anguish and even despair. Mood swings in women are unpredictable. Often they lead to depression. It is worth noting that the most changeable mood in women during menopause. It's not they who are to blame, but nature.

Mood swings most concernresidents of large cities. The fact is that in large centers people always experience great mental pressure and huge discomfort. Many people say that they are used to and do not feel anything like that. It is not true. Vanity still somehow affects their mental state.

Neurotransmitters are those substances that are responsible for the stability of our mood. Their imbalance can lead to the fact that our emotions will be constantly replaced.

Often mood swings occur for a reasonhormonal failure. It can be observed in adolescents. Lovely children, growing up, become nervous and "jerky". The fact is that in the body of a teenager there are many different kinds of reactions that turn everything (including the consciousness of adolescents) upside down. Control of emotions in this period is very complicated. Hormonal failure, of course, occurs in the body of pregnant women. I think, it is not necessary to describe what capricious there are future mothers - this is already well known.

The mental stress that occurs onwork or at home, can also cause mood swings. Often, they lead to permanent failures, which occur when trying to accomplish something important, meaningful.

What can help to bring yourself to a normal state

Of course, you can also use medicinalpreparations. But do not forget that self-monitoring is very important here. First, relax and run the bad thoughts away. Get away from reality, imagine that you are, somewhere very, very far away. We recommend practicing yoga - the exercises that you will find in it will actually help you learn to control your mood.

Use a mild sedative. For example, a motherwort infusion. Do not get carried away, as the habit still sooner or later there will be.

In the fight against mood swings, it is recommended that you try to change your occupation. It will be especially useful to work out physical work for those who are used to working only with the head.

Ask for help from a psychologist. It is possible that the source of the problem is in your subconscious.

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