Vascular stars are extendedblood vessels, which usually appear in the popliteal cavities. They are also called telangiectasia. This disease affects 50% of women, and not only of middle age.

vascular asterisks on the legs
Vascular asterisks on the legs may not threaten the health, but they disrupt the aesthetic appeal of the female legs. They can be point, linear, tree-like, arachnids.


The appearance of telangiectasias is associated with hereditary predisposition and misconduct. If you are at risk, it is good practice to follow the following recommendations:

  • Do fitness or dance daily;

  • try not to be in a vertical position, standing for a long time in one place;

  • take a contrast shower to strengthen the vessels;

  • choose shoes on a platform or a low heel.

Treatment of telangiectasias

to remove the vascular asterisks on the legs
When telangiectasias have already appeared, we beginthink about how to remove the spider veins on your legs. First of all you need to visit the phlebologist - treating the vessels in his competence. He will give all the necessary recommendations and directions.

Currently, there are several methods for treating vascular asterisks:

  1. Laser therapy. The laser beam penetrates the skin during surgery and seals the dilated vessels. The session lasts a few minutes. At its end, restrictions are placed on finding the sun for a week. You may need compression stockings. Remove the vascular sprouts on your feet completely possible in several sessions.

  2. Sclerotherapy. This operation is based on the introduction into the altered vessels of special preparations that stimulate protein clotting. During the session, the lumen of the vessels is clogged.

  3. Microcurrent therapy. This physiotherapy procedure is based on the impact of impulse current on the body, in particular, on the circulatory system. Venous outflow occurs during the operation, the vascular status improves.

  4. Radio wave surgery. Vascular stars on their legs are cleaned painlessly and quickly with the help of a high-frequency wave. When treating this method, there is no need for a rehabilitation period.

Traditional methods of treatment

how to remove vascular asterisks on the legs
There are also popular ways of treating telangiectasias:

  1. Recipe with Kalanchoe. The washed leaves of the Kalanchoe are crushed and filled with a jar, then poured with boiled water of average temperature and put in a dark place for 7 days. Periodically, the contents should be shaken. After this period, the leaves are filtered through gauze in several layers. With this mixture, rub the limbs from the bottom up in those areas where the vascular sprouts on the legs are concentrated. The procedure should be repeated daily until the mesh of small vessels disappears (3 months).

  2. Cabbage recipe. The cabbage leaf is scalded with boiling water and put in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for a day. On the second day you need to rub apple cider vinegar in those places where the spider veins are located on your feet, and after drying the skin, the cabbage leaf from the fridge is bandaged to the limb. Remove the bandage in the morning. The procedure should be repeated until lightness in the legs, pain and venous nodes decrease.

It does not matter which method you choose, most importantly -properly organize meals. If you provide yourself with vitamins P, K, C, then increase the strength of the vessels and reduce their permeability. Lead the right way of life, and then you will not be afraid of any disease.

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