Fractures of the calcaneus occur enoughoften. They are open and closed. It should be noted that such damage is characterized by a variety of types, so the same treatment can not be prescribed in all cases.

fractures of calcaneus
The most important reason for the appearance of a fractureis a trauma resulting from a fall from a height to a straight leg. Most often, such damage is one-sided. If a patient is diagnosed with a fracture of the calcaneus, treatment should be started immediately. The fact is that the presented trauma is considered very difficult, and if the delay is removed, additional problems will arise (pain syndrome, immobilization of the limb, displacement of the fragments).

Before treating a fracture, you should determine itslocalization and type, and also, whether there are shifts of bones. As for the symptoms of the disease, it is quite simple: pain syndrome, inability to step on foot, swelling and characteristic bruising in the area of ​​injury. Fractures of the calcaneus are accompanied by its deformation.

fracture of calcaneus treatment
Diagnosis of the disease involves externalexamination of the patient, fixing his complaints and visual symptoms, carrying out radiography. Due to the research, it is possible to correctly determine the type of damage. Fractures of the calcaneus require individual treatment for each patient. Methods for repairing damage are traditional: surgical intervention with the folding of fragments, as well as the conclusion of a leg in gypsum. In most cases, the patient has to be on a skeletal hood. However, this method of treatment should be conducted by experienced doctors who can correctly distribute the goods.

This damage, if accompanied bythe displacement of the fragments, should be treated with a plaster "boot" with a plaster or metal supinator in the sole. There are a lot of new ways to eliminate the fracture: osteosynthesis with the help of different systems and devices of external fixation.

Fractures of the calcaneus are not treated quickly, so you need to be patient. In addition, the patient still has a long recovery period. It is divided into certain stages:

- Increased muscle tone and elasticity;

- elimination of vessel changes in the foot, as well as muscular atrophy;

- removal of stagnation;

- Improved mobility of the joint.

rehabilitation after calcaneus fracture
Rehabilitation after a fracture of the calcaneusis performed with the help of physical exercises, rubbing, manual therapy, physiotherapy, baths and special food. It will be useful to use various essential oils for grinding, which improve the blood circulation in the vessels. Among physiotherapeutic procedures ozokerite will be especially useful. Well affect the muscles and joints of the bath with the addition of salt and herbs.

Therapeutic exercise is performed after the baths andis aimed at eliminating atrophy, bringing the muscles into tone. Diet during rehabilitation involves the use of foods rich in silicon and calcium.

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