Tablets "Baralgetas" instructions for usecharacterizes as a complex antispasmodic and analgesic. The combination of the components contained in the drug contributes to the mutual enhancement of their pharmacological properties.

Metamizole sodium is a derivative of pyrazolone. The component has antipyretic and analgesic effects.

Pitophenone hydrochloride has a direct myotropic effect on smooth muscle.

Fenpiverinia bromide - the third active component - has m-holinoblokiruyuschim exposure, and also has an additional papaverin like action.

The drug "Baralgetas". Indications

The medicine is prescribed for pain syndrome,expressed weakly or moderately, against the background of spasms in the smooth muscles of internal organs. This condition occurs with renal, intestinal or biliary colic, spasm of the bladder and ureter, dyskinesia of the bile ducts. The "Baralgetas" medication is recommended for post-cholecystectomy syndrome, algodismenorrhea, chronic colitis, pathologies in the pelvic organs. For a short treatment, the drug is prescribed for sciatica, neuralgia, myalgia, arthralgia.

The "Baralgetas" medication is recommended for use as an additional remedy after diagnostic and surgical interventions.

Dosing regimen

Tablets "Baralgetas" instructions for use recommend that patients from the age of fifteen take orally twice or thrice a day, one or two.

For children of twelve-fourteen years of agedosage - one tablet, daily - six tablets. Children of eight or eleven years are prescribed half a tablet for an appointment, four tablets a day. Patients five to seven years are recommended polabletki as a single dosage. A day is prescribed no more than two tablets.

Side effect

When taking the drug inside, it is likely thatallergic reactions. Side effects include hives (including mucous nasopharynx and conjunctiva), angioedema, exudative erythema (malignant), necrolysis (epidermal toxic), anaphylactic shock, bronchospastic syndrome.

In addition, the medicine can provoke anuria, oliguria, a disorder of kidney function, interstitial nephritis, proteinuria. During treatment, urine may change color.

To the side effects of the drug "Baralgetas" the instruction also includes lowering blood pressure, agranulocytosis, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia.

Other undesirable manifestations include difficulties with urination, tachycardia, decreased sweating, dry mouth.


The agent "Baralgetas" is not appointed attachyarrhythmias, expressed liver or kidney dysfunctions, hypersensitivity, severe angina. Contraindicated medication with prostatic hyperplasia, angle-closure glaucoma. The drug is not recommended for intestinal obstruction, megacolon, heart failure. Do not prescribe the pill "Baralgetas" during pregnancy. If it is necessary to apply during the feeding period, lactation is stopped.

special instructions

Experts recommend refraining for the period of taking the medicine from the implementation of potentially hazardous activities.


When taking medication in high doses, there is a sharp decrease in blood pressure, vomiting, tenderness in epigastrium, confusion, nausea, drowsiness, convulsions, liver and kidney dysfunction.

In addition to washing the stomach, an activated charcoal is prescribed. If necessary, symptomatic treatment is performed.

Use of the drug "Baralgetas" should be agreed with your doctor.

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