Venereal diseases are among the mostcommon. Transmission occurs, as a rule, during unprotected intercourse. That's why doctors recommend having one partner at all times, and always use a condom during casual relationships! The dichotomy in our country leads to the fact that many hesitate to purchase these contraceptive products, and even one name drives them into the paint. The result is a queue for an anonymous appointment to a venerologist. Everyone needs to know the symptoms of STDs in time to recognize them.

Symptoms of STDs


The initial stage is a dysbiosis. Overabundance of own bacteria in women is observed on the background of hormonal changes or under other conditions. It is important to know that the onset of the disease does not always mean infection, but the sexual partner is necessarily at risk. Symptoms of STDs in this case are white cheesy discharge with an unpleasant smell, constant burning in the genitals, a certain discomfort and even pain during sexual intercourse. This is typical for women. In men, sometimes everything passes without obvious signs, but sometimes the penis head turns red, there is itching and burning, white plaque. It is necessary to be treated together and on the prescription of the doctor.

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Syphilis: stages of STDs, symptoms, photos

The disease can develop long enough inhidden form, when a person does not even suspect that he is infected and dangerous for close people. During the first stage (on average 2-4 months) a dense, painless ulcer appears on the site of the lesion. After 3 weeks, an increase in the nearby lymph nodes is observed. After a while, the ulcer disappears completely. The second stage is characterized by ubiquitous rash, fever and headache.

Chlamydia and trichomoniasis

The first disease occurs most often withoutdiscomfort and any painful sensations, and the second is characterized by abundant yellow secretions, itching (in women, men are often transferred without obvious signs of infection). Determine the presence of the virus can only the doctor after the examination.

Genital herpes

If the infection occurred for the first time, thenthere is burning, pain and swelling of the affected area. Still characterized symptoms of STDs, such as fever, weakness, general poor health. Soon watery bubbles are formed, which after a while burst, and in their place are jazvochki. This is painful enough, most often they heal in two weeks. The recurrence of infection is possible and is characterized by a more rapid course of the disease.

Bacterial vaginosis is a non-standard STD. Symptoms in women, photos

Although this disease belongs to those,which are sexually transmitted, in fact, it is not dangerous for a male partner. Vaginosis is manifested only in women in the form of unpleasant smelling neobylnyh grayish discharge.

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It is important to know that any symptoms of STDs area real excuse to contact a qualified technician. It is very important to periodically take tests for infections to exclude the possibility of an asymptomatic course of the disease.

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