What is a hernia, in general? This is the protrusion of any organs of the body from the cavity that they occupy. The process of their exit occurs through a normal or pathological opening. This protrusion is located under the skin, between the muscles, in the body cavity. The integrity of the membranes over the hernia should be preserved, so that a bag (dermal, fascial, etc.) appears, in which the organ or organs lie.

What are hernias?

Many classifications have been proposed: by the degree of development, by origin, by the presence of complications, by correctness. Consider an anatomy of location, they are:

  • abdominal hernia symptoms
  • muscular;
  • pulmonary.

Also ventral or abdominal hernia is prominent. Symptoms of all of them are different, but the reasons are similar. The hernia develops when there is a discrepancy between the pressure on the part of the organ and the resistance force of the adjacent wall (from the muscles, ligaments, fasciae). Consider the latter, which are most often observed. They may be:

  • inguinal;
  • femoral;
  • white line;
  • epigastric;
  • umbilical;
  • perineal;
  • lateral;
  • blocking.

treatment of a stomach hernia

Hernia, symptoms which appear after surgical treatment of any disease of the abdominal cavity, is called postoperative.

Signs of a hernia of the abdominal wall

The main one is the presence of protrusion of different size and localization. It can reverse itself or remain in the protruded position all the time.

How else is a stomach hernia manifested? Symptoms of it are few, because the presence of protrusion is usually enough to make a diagnosis. Sometimes the patient also has a blurred aching or pulling pain in the area of ​​the hernia. This is due to the fact that the organ inside the hernial sac has shifted from its normal position, and compression of the innervating nerves has arisen.

How to treat this ailment

Hernia, the symptoms of which are described above, -a disease that certainly requires treatment. The fact is that it can be complicated by such formidable ailments as inflammation, infringement, the development of violations of the functions of the organs inside the hernial sac, and even their rupture, and as a consequence peritonitis.

abdominal hernia operation

The main treatment for hernia of the abdomen is operative. It is necessary to open the hernial sac, remove the organs into place, suture the hole, in this case there will be no more relapse at this place. But to prevent the occurrence of this patient's hernia, other localization will need to deal with the underlying factors.
Sometimes to prevent new protrusionsa slightly different operation is carried out. Hernias with which this technique is applied, large or constantly returning. Then it is not possible to sew well with a hole and a special synthetic mesh is superimposed on the weak spot of the abdominal wall.

With small uncomplicated protrusionsconservative methods are applied (wearing bandages, bandages). Also in this way help patients who are currently contraindicated surgery. But they usually do not cardinally cure the disease, only stop its progression, they are used as a temporary measure.

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