On the question of how to improve immunity, an unambiguousNo answer. Many diseases are a sign of increased immunity. Therefore, it is better to speak about the regulation of the immune functions of the body. And then the approach is also far from unambiguous.

The decrease in immunity is usually due to somefactors. This can be a wrong way of life (alcohol abuse, smoking, low physical activity), transplanted operations and illnesses, whose treatment was accompanied by the use of antibiotics, a severe psychoemotional condition. Depending on the reasons that caused a decrease in the protective functions of the body, one should look for ways to improve immunity.

Of course, in severe cases you can not do withoutcomprehensive examination, which includes various analyzes, primarily an immunogram, which will more accurately indicate the causes of frequent diseases. But an immunogram can be an expensive pleasure. So, let's try to give some general recommendations.

When all the time you want to sleep and the pressure in this caselowered, then a cup of coffee with added tincture of ginseng or eleutherococcus will give the body extra strength. With the same symptoms with increased pressure, it is better to drink Echinacea or a decoction broth against the background of the usual treatment of hypertension.

A separate conversation about how to improve immunityafter antibiotics, taken during illness or after surgery. For the production of immunocytes in our body, several organs are responsible. But the absolute majority of doctors agree that one should start with the intestines. Incorrect work of the gastrointestinal tract greatly reduces immunity. Antibiotics kill a useful microflora, freeing up a large field of activity for pathogens. These bad bacteria form toxins in large numbers, poisoning the body and reducing its protective functions.

A good doctor will definitely give recommendations, liketo increase immunity after antibiotics and, prescribing the prescription, will add there drugs that contribute to the recovery of the body. In mild cases, these are various drugs that increase immunity and contain bifidobacteria. With prolonged use of antibiotics and after surgery, this may be small, and more serious drugs, for example, based on interferon, will be required. In any case, the intestines need to be put in order, because the lack of "good" bacteria can lead to very serious consequences.

To general recommendations, how to improve immunity,without fear you can include the right food rich in vitamins (especially A, C, E) and trace elements. Best available are the simplest and most affordable: carrots and green onions, dog rose and black currant.

Everybody knows that tempering raisesimmunity, but with the wrong approach, the situation can only worsen. Therefore, to cold water, all washing and dousing should be approached gradually. Some doctors believe that cold water reduces immunity, and to increase it, on the contrary, you should warm up the body. However, the bath was always a good way to get rid of all diseases, so this opinion has a right to exist.

But speaking of warming up, one does not need to identifyit with a tan that, when abused, only brings harm. Sunbaths weaken the immune cells of the skin, can provoke the formation and development of tumors.

You should know the extent and in the performance of physicalExercise, which in normal quantity will only benefit. But increased stresses deplete the body and can lead to a sharp decrease in immunity.

Summarizing all of the above, each person should decide how to improve immunity, based on the characteristics of his body and lifestyle.

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