After a mandatory cleansing of the body (often withthis goal is used to drink a weak solution of potassium permanganate), it is necessary to approach with particular care the question of what to drink when poisoning. At this time, there is a strong dehydration of the body, so the restoration of water balance is a priority. But that's what to drink when poisoned in each particular case, it is worth carefully examining.

So what to drink when poisoning? For any type of food poisoning, it is necessary to drink a large amount of still water. The main thing is that it should be of very good quality. Water helps the body to cleanse itself of toxins. After cleansing the body, you can give the patient a little bit of unsweetened black tea. When the urge to vomit ceases, you can drink chicken broth (preferably low-fat). Carbonated water at this time can not drink, because it strongly irritates the walls of the inflamed gastrointestinal tract, which further exacerbates the patient's condition.

All fluids should be drunk in small sips andvery slowly, since a large amount of drinking can cause vomiting again. Very effective for rehydration of the body is the following: fruit juice is mixed with half a teaspoon of honey, after which a pinch of table salt is added to it. Almost universal means, which helps with various poisonings, is milk. The common remedy for all poisonings are peppermint and turnip seeds mixed with wine in equal proportions.

In severe poisoning with various toxicsubstances necessarily need medical attention. Before the arrival of a specialist, you must completely clean the stomach with vomiting. Everyone can help themselves and their loved ones, knowing what to drink when poisoning the most common chemicals. Consider the most common types of poisoning:

- poisoning with plant poisons helps camphor, wine vinegar and coffee;

- when poisoned with acetic essence, the patient is given milk; calcareous water; broths of rice, barley, flaxseed; a lot of cold water;

- When poisoning with hydrocyanic acid, you must consume a lot of coffee or water with ammonia;

- fish poisons are neutralized by drinking sweet water with charcoal or vodka;

- when poisoning with chlorine vapor, use sweet water, wine or vodka;

- Poisoning by pesticide vapors neutralizes coffee;

- when narcotic poisoning is most often used water with vinegar and coffee;

- poisoning with metal salts use raw egg white and water with sugar;

- when poisoning with medicinal products they give you to drink ghee or fatty cream, and after a while - pomegranate juice;

poisoning with sausage poison is eliminated with vinegar diluted in water, and after the improvement of the condition it is possible to give warm black tea;

- When poisoning with mushrooms you need to drink water with charcoal or wine;

- poisoning with caustic acids helps the use of vegetable oil;

- wine helps with poisoning by harmful vapors of chemicals;

- when using alkalis, glauber's salt is used;

- poisoning with iodine preparations is neutralized by starch water.

Very often people are tormented by the question of what to drink whenalcohol poisoning. Poisoning caused by wine alcohol, usually treated with milk, kefir, mucous drink. After alcohol poisoning, drink more strong tea with lemon or honey. Coffee should not be abused, so you can drink 1-2 cups not too strong drink.

What to drink when alcohol is poisoned with heavyconsequences? A good remedy is: a glass of water, five drops of ammonia and one teaspoon of sugar. An ancient and effective treatment for severe alcohol poisoning is the use of brine. It accelerates the alkalization of blood, which, after alcohol poisoning, becomes acidic, which is actually the cause of the unpleasant consequences of a hangover.

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