In Russia, people consider the fight against alcoholismuseless idea. Various prohibitions, restrictions, "dry" laws have never brought the desired results. "Russia is a joy of food, we can not without being", it was precisely these words that Prince Vladimir argued for the refusal of the prohibiting wine of Islam, choosing religion for his state. For a thousand years, his words, recorded in the annals, have not lost any urgency. A good excuse for fans to "relax."

treatment of female alcoholism
In recent years, alcoholism is progressing andaffects more and more people, including women. According to official statistics, over the past decade female alcoholism increased from 11.3% to 15.8%. We can assume that the real figures will be much sadder. Uncured cases of the disease are an order of magnitude greater than that taken into account by statistics, because women are slow to consult a doctor with such a "shameful" problem.

Treatment of female alcoholism - very complicated and lengthy therapy, requiringparticipation not only of a narcologist, but also a psychologist, a psychiatrist. The reasons that lead women to alcoholism are usually psychological: loneliness, family breakdown, loss of loved ones, disappointment and resentment. A glass of wine dulls the heartache, brings an imaginary relief, even if only temporary. An imperceptibly woman "sits down" on saving alcohol, getting into a fatal dependence.

Friends and relatives can stay for a very long timein ignorance about the real state of affairs, because women are able to hide their vices much better than men. For help to specialists are often addressed already in neglected cases. Perhaps, this served as the formation of the myth that the treatment of female alcoholism is useless.

treatment of alcoholism at home

In fact, any person can be cured,regardless of sex, but there is one very important prerequisite. Treatment of female alcoholism, as well as masculine, is possible only with the patient's desire. While a person does not realize his dependence and does not want to radically change his life, hardly anyone will be able to help him. This understanding should be the first step towards healing, after which support of relatives and qualified help will become very important.

It is impossible to treat women's alcoholism at home, Do not be seduced by short-term success. With household drunkenness it is possible to cope independently, but the disease with alcoholism must be treated with literate specialists.

Such well-known methods as coding,"Sewing" is based on a sense of fear. They do not heal and do not withdraw from dependence, but only for a while it is blocked. Therefore, most patients "break" as soon as the period ends. No exception here is female alcoholism, the treatment of which requires an integrated approach.

female alcoholism treatment

The first is detoxification(purification) of the body. At the same time, psychotherapy is provided, giving an installation to learn to have fun without taking alcohol, feel a full-fledged person, able to solve their problems, be able to resist the desire to consume alcohol. Internal organs are usually already affected by alcohol and also need support and pharmacological treatment. The course of vitamins and other means of strengthening immunity is also an obligatory link in complex therapy.

Alcoholic dependence of the wife, mother, daughter,girlfriends - it's always a disaster, but still not a verdict. This should be remembered by close people, in the understanding and support of which a woman needs very much. Treatment of female alcoholism is quite possible, you just need to have patience, willpower and firmness of mind.

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