Kidneys are one of the vital organs,performing the functions of cleaning our body. They do a tremendous job, they process more than 180 liters of filtrate daily, separating the harmful substances contained in it. At the same time, 1 to 1.5 liters of urine is formed in the kidneys, which is excreted from our body with the help of the urinary system. But the kidneys are not only a filtering device, but also regulators of various processes and mechanisms of our body, ensuring their perfect functioning. Along with the purification function, the kidneys regulate blood pressure, acid-base and water-salt balance, and stimulate the formation of red blood cells. Kidney problems Symptoms typical of a serious illness may not be detected for a long time, but at the same time worsen or destroy the natural system of filtering and regulation, which poses a threat to human life.

The most frequent kidney diseases arepyelonephritis, renal failure, hydronephrosis, urolithiasis. You need to know how to recognize sick kidneys in time: symptoms of the disease most often appear in the form of edema (under the eyes, legs, abdominal cavity), pain in the lumbar region, high blood pressure, reducing the amount of excreted urine.

It should be remembered that the problem with the kidneys (symptoms depend on forms and stages of the disease, and concomitant diseases) is quite serious and when you identify any painful symptoms, you should consult a doctor without delay.

In most cases, chronic diseaseskidneys proceed painlessly and are discovered quite by chance on the basis of studies conducted on other patient complaints, for example, because of increased blood pressure. They are also characterized by edema of the legs, a violation of blood circulation.

In acute inflammation of the kidney, symptoms of the diseaseusually the following: pain in the kidneys, shortness of breath (choking), hypertensive crisis, swelling of the eyelids, the presence of fluid in the lungs. It is necessary to stop the disease at an early stage, without waiting for the development of complications. The first thing that sick kidneys show (symptoms of the disease) is fatigue, headaches, nausea, vomiting, fever. Therefore, when such complaints occur, you need to seek medical advice.

Causes of Kidney Diseasevarious. Most often this is a consequence of insufficient blood supply to the kidneys, which can be caused by severe blood loss, for example, after a serious accident or sudden drop in blood pressure (as in shock). A common cause is also the previous infectious diseases. Thus, in a number of patients with the diagnosis of a particular kidney disease in the history of the disease, cases of acute streptococcal infection, for example, acute tonsillitis, were recorded in 4-5 weeks. In addition, kidney disease can be the result of side effects of medications (antibiotics) with their long-term admission in elevated doses.

In most cases, chronic renalInsufficiency is a consequence of prolonged diabetes mellitus or high blood pressure. More rare reasons for which the kidneys are sore (the symptoms are serious, so the patient needs immediate advice from a specialist) - these are kidney stones, kidney cysts, inflammatory processes of the urinary system.

The most common waysDiagnosis of kidney diseases are laboratory tests of urine and blood. Ultrasonic examination allows to establish the increased sizes of kidneys, their pathological changes. Beginning pulmonary edema, as one of the symptoms of kidney disease, can be established by listening to the chest or by X-rays.

Treatment of kidney diseases is prescribed in dependencefrom the type of disease and its causes. This may be a drug treatment aimed at suppressing the infection that caused the disease, or to withdraw excess fluid in the body and to lower the pressure. In the case of renal colic or urolithiasis in mild cases, anesthetics are used, in complicated cases, surgical intervention to extract the kidney stone. In the most severe cases, with renal failure, regular renal dialysis is necessary.

Even the ancient Chinese sages claimed thatkidneys are a source of health, so if you have symptoms of kidney disease, you need urgent medical consultation, a detailed examination, and in case of disease detection - timely and targeted treatment.

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