In some cases, when the annualmedical examination doctor can send you to ultrasound examination of the kidneys - ultrasound. It can be like a routine preventive examination, and a reaction to alarming symptoms from the body that you can see for yourself. For example, a systematic tingling in the kidney, frequent swelling of the legs, face, especially in the morning, paroxysmal pain in the lower back and even high blood pressure - all this can cause a thorough examination of the genitourinary system.

Make ultrasound of the kidneys
Kidney ultrasound is a mandatory examination forpregnant women. It can also be prescribed to determine the effectiveness of the treatment or to exclude (confirm) the need for prompt intervention.

Despite the fact that ultrasound of the kidneys is fairly simplemethod of research, it helps in time to recognize changes in internal organs and related diseases. Therefore, do not pull, it is better to go through the examination immediately after the procedure. You can check with your doctor how to prepare for ultrasound of the kidneys, and you can get useful information, for example, from this article.

First, decide where to make ultrasound of the kidneysbetter for you. It can be a district clinic or a paid medical center. When the date and time of the procedure become known, carefully study the tips on how to prepare for ultrasound of the kidneys, and begin the preparation itself.

To conduct ultrasound examination of the kidneys betteronly in the morning and on an empty stomach, since food masses in the stomach and small intestine can make it difficult to visualize. If ultrasound is scheduled for a later time, try not to eat for 5-6 hours before the test. For example, if you are invited to three o'clock in the afternoon, eat a light breakfast no later than 9-10 am, and then before the examination drink plain water or tea without sugar. It is difficult to visibility in the stomach cavity and can accumulate in the stomach and intestines gases. Get rid of them will help two capsules of the drug "Espumizan" or a couple of tablets of activated carbon, which should be taken daily for two to three days before the survey.

How to prepare for ultrasound of the kidneys
Children can be given "Bobotik", it is also effectiveeliminates excessive gassing. Before preparing for the ultrasound of the kidneys and abdominal cavity, it will be useful to know the list of products that promote gas generation, and temporarily exclude them from the diet. Such products include: sweet fizzy drinks, rye bread, dairy products, legumes, cabbage (especially sour cream), as well as fresh vegetables and fruits. The ideal option is to revise your diet one week before ultrasound and eat only the permitted foods.

Kidney ultrasound is performed from the side of the back, and on the sides. The patient lays down on

Where to make ultrasound of the kidneys
the couch, exposing the area of ​​the waist, the doctor applies to the patient's skin a special
gel-grease and proceeds to the study. Going to the procedure, do not forget to take a towel or diaper with you: you will cover it on the couch, and after the procedure, remove the remains of the gel from the body. Now you know how to prepare for ultrasound of the kidneys, and you can safely go to the clinic.

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