"Panangin" is a patentedCombined medical product, which in its composition contains potassium and magnesium. Due to this, he successfully nourishes and strengthens the heart muscle and renders the prevention of her diseases.

The drug is indicated for those who need treatment for arrhythmia, angina pectoris, heart failure. Reception "Panangina" is assigned to patients undergoing a course of rehabilitation after a previous myocardial infarction.

Also, the drug is effective in complex treatmentabstinence syndrome (hangover). The presence of components of potassium and magnesium makes it easier to reduce the risk of heart problems, muscle weakness, chills, and also reduces the level of nervous excitability.

People who are recommended to take "Panangin" also include people who:

have reached the age of 45;

constantly engaged in sports, visit steam and sauna, experience constant physical activity;

limit themselves to a varied diet;

have a diabetes disease;

are sick with colds or flu and others.

As you can see, "Panangin" is a necessary and effective drug of a wide spectrum of action. Take the pills on time - and be healthy.

But sometimes happens in life the situation whena person can not afford to buy a medicine. The question arises, what kind of drug can replace "Panangin"? Analogs you can offer in the pharmacy. The most famous substitute is Asparks.

A person who does not have medical education, it is difficult to understand: what is better - "Panangin" or "Asparka" and why they are so different in price. Let's talk about this in more detail.

Why do they have a different price?

The invention of a new effective medicaldrug - the process is very expensive. It involves the search for a successful chemical formula, tests. All this can take many years. All financial costs are paid off thanks to the sale of a patent for an invented medicine to a pharmaceutical company that for a certain period has exclusive rights to release a novelty. On the production of a drug called Panangin, the patent is owned by Gedeon Richter.

When the patent ends its term, otherpharmaceutical companies produce analogs, which are called generics. They are affordable and have a similar composition to the original and in their properties are similar to the original. Just like Panangin, analogs can solve the problem.

Then why do we pay more?

1. Side effects. You can already guess that here in the first position "Panangin". Analogues have much more.

Although, for the sake of justice, and in the instructions forthe use of a patented medicine list of contraindications is also rather big (renal failure, dehydration, hypersensitivity to components, and others).

2. The degree of purification of raw materials in the preparation "Panangin" is much higher. Release of tablets is carried out on modern equipment.

3. A wide range of therapeutic components that help to cope with several manifestations of the disease at once, in comparison with genetics, eliminating a specific problem.

4. Convenience of reception. More inexpensive drugs can cause irritation of the stomach, as the packaging dose of the drug is simplified. Take them more often than "Panangin", whose tablets are covered with a film membrane.

Which of the drugs to buy, of course, you decide. The substitute "Panangina" for its basic medicinal properties is also quite consistent with its purpose. The budget price is a good choice for those who do not want to overpay extra money for comfort.

What can replace "Panangin"? Analogues have the following names: "Asparaginate Kaliya-Magnesium" or "Asparka". Preparations are interchangeable.

In any case, the decision to use the original medicine or its substitute should be taken during a qualified medical consultation.

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