The Russian Association of Tour Operators oftenis the rating of the most popular tourist destinations. It turns out that by the end of 2016 our compatriots traveled to Azerbaijan more often than to Turkey, Greece, the United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria and France. And this year, visitors from Russia to Azerbaijan, apparently, will be no less. The country attracts not only with its wonderful views, but also with wide holidays and international festivals. For example, a jam festival or Islamic solidarity games. Such tourism attracts. But do you need a visa to Azerbaijan? Let's look into this together.

visas to Azerbaijan

How to visit Azerbaijan?

You can go to Azerbaijan in the directionculinary tourism to try the same dessert of garlic and mint at the same international jam festival, by the way, brought by a delegation from Russia, or to visit relatives, to conclude a business deal with only a foreign passport. The visa for Azerbaijan is not needed for Russians. You can cross the border completely freely.

But to avoid any problems with the law of the country, you need to know the rules for entering Azerbaijan. And some of them are special, acting only on the territory of this state.

Azerbaijan visa for the Russians 2017

The question of whether a visa is needed for Azerbaijan for the Russians is lifted. Let's look at the nuances of visiting this country, located on the coast of the Caspian Sea.

Restrictions on time of stay

For business contacts or for meeting with friends andrelatives you go, for tourist impressions or for the competition - the border guards will not ask you any documents confirming the purpose of the visit. But make sure that your visa-free visit is not delayed for more than ninety days. In the foreign passport, border guards will put a stamp from which the foreign visitor starts counting his authorized three-month stay in the country. With a note in the document, you can freely travel throughout Azerbaijan, moving from city to city.

Visas to Azerbaijan will not be required if there is aneed to extend the stay in the country. That there were no questions on the border, it is better to apply for an extension of stay if you realize that three months are not enough for you. You can get permission to stay in the country for another couple of months.

do I need a visa to Azerbaijan

"Black list" of Azerbaijan

Recently, a lot and often talked about a blogger withRussian and Israeli citizenship, who entered Azerbaijan on the Ukrainian passport. For example, Alexander Lapshin was detained in Belarus at the request of Azerbaijan. The reason is "public appeals against the state" and entry to Nagorno-Karabakh without the official permission of the Azerbaijani authorities. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country made a "black list" of people like Lapshin. A visit to Nagorno-Karabakh without Baku's permission is a ban on entry to Azerbaijan.

This is a hospitable state, but there is a listpersons whom they do not want to see there. Most likely, if your passport contains a mark from Karabakh without Baku's authorization, it will not be legal to enter Azerbaijan, and illegal crossing of the border will result in punishment.

Conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over NagornyKarabakh has not cooled down. Therefore, if you have a viewpoint regarding these events as a supporter of the policy of the Armenian authorities, do not state it publicly in Azerbaijan. Do not enter into discussions and do not say what will cause discontent of local residents.

To Azerbaijan by car

If you decide to cross the border on a personalcar, then be ready to deposit a deposit. This rule applies only to machines that do not comply with environmental standards E4. Therefore, if your car pollutes the atmosphere, you will have to pay an amount equal to a third of the market value of the car, as collateral. When you leave the country, this money will be returned to you.

visa to Azerbaijan 2017

However, if you find an Azerbaijani citizen who writes a letter of guarantee, you will be released from the pledge. But the insurance for the car must be mandatory.

check in

Visas to Azerbaijan are not needed, but registration of foreignersis being conducted. In 2013, guests of Azerbaijan must go through the registration procedure after hitting the country. This is the responsibility of the migration service. Notify the state in the first ten days after arrival.

The procedure is not complicated by the need to collectcertificates, rather, is of a formal nature. You can be registered in Azerbaijan by a hotel, hotel or sanatorium, in which you settled. It will only be necessary to fill out a special application form, it is easy to find it on the embassy's website, and attach a copy of the passport to it.

The procedure is not paid. The visa to Azerbaijan (2017) is still not required.

If you have settled with relatives, ask themyou help in registering. The documents are accepted through the post or personally in the migration service of the city in which you plan to stay. However, if you decide to visit and stay for a long time elsewhere, registration will be required again. And to nullify the former it is not necessary.

To Azerbaijan with children

Usually entering the country with children is not accompanied by difficulties, but parents need to prepare:

  • birth certificate of the child - original;
  • passport of the child, if any;
  • consent to travel abroad a parent who does not participate in the trip, he must be assured by a notary.

Visas to Azerbaijan for the Russians are not needed, no matter what age they are.

visas to Azerbaijan for Russians

For customs to give good

Like any country, Azerbaijan is protected not only by the border, but also by customs. There is a list of what is prohibited for importation. What does this list include? Do not try to import:

  1. Weapons and drugs.
  2. Animals.
  3. Photos that customs officers can regard as materials against the political and social system of Azerbaijan.
  4. Fresh fruits and vegetables.
  5. Antiquarian values ​​without special permission of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan.
  6. Objects of folk art and creativity are also without permission.

What customs rules permit? Import allowed:

  1. Goods and products that do not exceed a thousand dollars in value.
  2. Two hundred cigarettes.
  3. Not more than one liter of strong alcohol and two liters of wine.
  4. Cosmetics and perfumes.

Question about money

If you will enter Azerbaijan (visa forRussians in 2017 are not needed, but some documents need to be formalized) with the currency, then it will be necessary to declare it. And leaving the country with dollars or euros can only be with the amount that does not exceed the one that made the form. The amount of more than a thousand dollars is subject to a 1% tax.

Tourists are prohibited from exporting or importing the national currency. Manats, and no more than declared five hundred thousand, can only be exported and imported by Azerbaijani citizens.

Azerbaijan: the visa for Russians in 2017 and the general rules of entry

The trip will be without violations of the law andrules of customs, if your passport is valid, you will not try to carry prohibited goods and undeclared currency, are ready to deposit a personal car on which to travel to Azerbaijan, if it does not comply with environmental transport standards, documents for the car in good order and insurance not is overdue, and also you have not forgotten to register, being on the territory in the first ten days.

Do you need a visa for Azerbaijan for Russians?

The visa to Azerbaijan in 2017 is not needed. She was not required before that and the prerequisites that she would need it, no.

Start an acquaintance with Azerbaijan from Bakuseaside boulevard. A beautiful wide embankment, a recreation area, cafes, restaurants, carousels and attractions, boat entertainment and a carpet museum are all available to tourists from Russia.

Azerbaijan ranks first in the world in terms ofthe number of active mud volcanoes. There are many such in Gobustan. Landscapes of the reserve contrast with the landscapes of the Caucasus. There are also drawings of the Mesolithic period on the stones.

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