Asus in 2012 introduced an updated linelaptops running on the basis of Ivy Bridge processors, starting with the series Intel Core i7-3610QM in ASUS N56V. For graphics in this computer meets the time-tested solution from Nvidia in tandem with integrated graphics from Intel, and close this circle of "hardware" 8 GB of RAM. In the pursuit of full immersion in games and films, computer developers increasingly cooperate with the well-known in the field of digital sound brands. Did not become an exception and ASUS products. The exterior design of the laptop has also undergone many changes. In an attempt to give the gadget a premium look, ASUS decided to use more metal in the design. Did ASUS succeed with so much effort, create a worthy competitor in the market of multimedia notebooks? Let's try to find out in the review below.

asus n56v

Housing and Communications

The quality of computer assembly has grown significantly incompared with ASUS N55, which offered in the previous generation. As the main material, metal is used, which favorably affects both the visual component and tactile sensations. The working area is made of a similar material. The case is quite sturdy, the details are adjusted to each other closely, there are no gaps. Squeaks, crackling and backlash are completely excluded. The hinges of the covers are compact, but they look quite reliable, the cover is resistant to changing the position of the computer.

The laptop is equipped with a full set of ports. On the front edge is only a slot for memory cards. On the left you can find the VGA port, Ethenet, HDMI and two third-generation USB-A ports. On the right side there is an audio input and an audio output - two third-generation USB-A ports, a DVD drive and a charger jack. Wireless interfaces include Wi-Fi, operating at b / g / n, and Bluetooth 4.0, which provides a connection to the wireless periphery for ASUS N56V.

Keyboard and Touchpad

In previous models, the manufacturerexperimented with the layout of the keyboard, for which he was often criticized by users. This time, ASUS decided to abandon unnecessary changes and returned the classic layout, to which all are accustomed. The keyboard itself is qualitative, stable, does not bend. The keys are flat, there is a sufficient distance between them, which is necessary for comfortable work without mistakes. The progress of the keys is average, quite sharp, which is quite unusual for the keyboard design used in the ASUS N56V. The backlight of the keyboard allows you to use it without problems in the dark.

The touchpad is indecently large compared to those,which is usually used in Windows-notebooks with their tiny touch panels. He perfectly recognizes any touch and gesture. Gestures, by the way, can be customized to suit your preferences.

asus n56v keyboard



Intel Core i7-3619QM, 2.3 - 3.3 GHz


8 GB

Video card

Nvidia GeForce GT650M


15.6 inches, 1920 x 1080


56 watts * hour

Operating system ASUS N56V

Windows 7 (default)

Display and sound

The laptop is equipped with a display panel witha diagonal of 15.6 inches and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is the standard for Full HD video. Such a density of pixels will positively affect not only the viewing of movies, but also the quality of the image as a whole. The fine text will look more clearly, and the detailed interface elements will not be smeared. High resolution allows you to fit a large number of objects on the screen, which favors comfortable work with several applications "side by side".

The maximum brightness level of the display reaches310 cd / m2. Roughly speaking, this indicator is higher than that of any average laptop, which means it will be sufficient for the absolute majority of users. Color rendition at a decent level. The Matrix copes with a wide color range without any problems, the picture looks bright and saturated. It spoils impressions only the absence of a polarizing coating. Under the slope of the monitor, the image looks like a negative, so you'll have to look straight at the laptop.

asus n56v windows 7

The built-in speaker is responsible for the sound. As in most other cases, it provides clean, sharp and saturated high frequencies, but can play low and medium. To fix this, ASUS created a mini subwoofer, which should pull up low frequencies, bass and give the sound some kind of responsiveness. All together sounds very worthy. The sound becomes deeper.

Productivity and autonomy

As the owner of a multimedia notebook,always count on high performance and no restrictions. Here ASUS N56V cope with a bang. The heart of the computer was Intel Core i7-3610QM, the maximum frequency of which is 3300 GHz, which even by modern standards is an excellent result. The system works smoothly, responsive, instantly reacting to user actions.

Graphics performance is answered by: built-in module from Intel and discrete graphics Nvidia GeForce GT650M, which is used when using resource-intensive applications and games with complex 3D graphics. The video card supports working with DirectX 11 libraries, which means it will be perfect for gamers.

Complement the processor 8 GB of RAM anda hard disk with a volume of 500 GB and a rotation speed of 5400 rpm. The amount of RAM, along with other characteristics, will suffice for comfortable work with the Windows 10 system and launch of modern game projects with a comfortable frame rate per second for the game.

In the test, built-in Windows 7 (preinstalled OS), the computer showed the following results:

  • processor - 7.6;
  • memory (RAM) - 7.7;
  • graphics - 7.1;
  • graphics for games - 7.1;
  • the main hard disk is 5.9.

Based on the results, we can say thatThe only component that reduces the performance of the device is the hard disk, which should be replaced with a more modern SSD-disk. Such an upgrade will double the speed of the laptop.

There remains one more question: how much energy is consumed by such powerful components? The answer is a lot. Under load, the laptop is able to live no more than 2 hours, and at rest up to 6 hours. When working in a sparing mode (web surfing, working with text) you can expect a little more than 3 hours.

asus n56v keyboard light


The first impression of the laptop is pleasant andpromising. Quality assembly, almost impervious to prints and minor damage to the case. The keyboard is fairly stable and convenient. A lot of interfaces and powerful components speak in favor of the device being viewed. The catch is its cost, ASUS N56V will cost its future owner at least $ 1,250, and this is a serious reason to think about. Is the computer worth that much money? Yes, it's worth it. The question remains only how much you are willing to spend.

Pros: quality assembly; high performance; great sound.

Minus one - high cost.

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