Yuri Djorkaeff is a former French footballer, best known as a player of the French national team. Chevalier of the Order of the Legion of Honor.

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Yuri Djorkaeff was born on March 9, 1968 in the city of Lyon. Citizen of France. Football role - attacking midfielder. Years of performance in big football - 1984-2006. Height 179 cm, weight 74 kg. He is married.

Club career

As a football player, Yuri Djorkaeff competed in five world championships for nine different clubs. He played 628 matches, in which he scored 211 goals.

  • 1984-89 - Grenoble (France);
  • 1989-91 - Strasbourg (France);
  • 1991-95 - "Monaco" (France);
  • 1995-96 - Paris Saint-Germain (France);
  • 1996-99 - Inter (Italy);
  • 1999-2002 - Kaiserslautern (Germany);
  • 2002-04 - Bolton (England);
  • 2004 - Blackburn (England);
  • 2005-06 - New York Metrostars (USA).

National team

In the national team of France Yuri Djorkaeffbegan to be involved in 1993. His first match he played against the Israeli team in the group qualifying tournament for the FM-94. From 1993 to 2002, the football player played 82 games for the main team of the country, scored 28 goals.

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Yuri Djorkaeff took part in the World Cup 1998, 2002,CHE-1996, 2000, the Confederations Cup-2001. In the final matches of the largest world and European forums, he played 25 matches, held 5 goals at the opponents' gate. In 1997, the football player was honored to be included in the FIFA team for a match timed to the centennial anniversary of Russian football.

Trophies and achievements

As part of the French national team, Yuri Djorkaeff became the world champion (1998) and European champion (2000), the winner of the Confederations Cup (2001).

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As a player of the "PSG" team was the owner of the CupCups (1996). Together with the club "Inter" won the UEFA Cup (1999). In 1991 he won, being a football player of the club "Monaco", the Cup of France. Yuri Djorkaeff was the best scorer of the championship of France (1994) and the best player of the team "Inter" (1997).

Stages of football path

And what kind of player was Yuri Djorkaeff remembered,biography, football career and tournament performance which are listed above? How does it differ from the pleiad of other players of that famous team (Zidane, Blanc, Barthez, Henri, Deschamps, Desailly, Vieira, Trezeguet), who brought fame to French football at the turn of the past and this century? About that we'll talk below.

Yuri Djorkaeff is a descendant of emigrants fromRussian Empire, settled in France after the October Revolution of 1917. In search of a better share in the West his grandfather (Kalmyk) and grandmother (polka) moved. In 1939, the birth of the father of Yuri Jean, a famous football player of the French national team of the 60s.

Yuri himself was born and lived in the ArmenianDiaspora, since his mother is an Armenian. Her name is Mari Ohanyan. It so happened that in the veins of George Dzhorkaeff flows Kalmyk, Spanish, Polish and Armenian blood, which certainly is not observed in his partners in the "star" French national team of 1998-2000.

Raising his grandson was the grandfather of the motherline Garo, trying to instill in him the spirit of the best Armenian traditions: honesty, decency, love for his people. Love for football to his son was instilled in him by his father.

The basics of football skill Yuri comprehended inAcademy of Villeurbann. A young hard-working and talented playmaker took on the pencil scouts of the football team "Grenoble", performing in the second league of the championship of France. With this club, Yuri Djorkaeff concluded his first professional agreement. From 1984 to 1989, for "Grenoble" he played 82 fights, in which he scored 23 goals. In connection with the team's constant financial difficulties and lack of ambition, further stay in it did not make sense or prospects for football growth. Yuri decides to change the club.

The next team for a young player becomes"Strasbourg." In this team, Yuri spent two football seasons. The team was weak, unable to solve big problems. In 1991, he signed a contract with one of the leaders of the first French division, the club "Monaco". In the "Monegasque" Yuri played five football seasons (177 matches, 65 goals). Here he became the owner and the first of his won club trophy - the Cup of France. As a player of "Monaco" Yuri Djorkaeff played his first matches for the national team of the country.

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After the expiration of the contract, Yuri passes intothe "PSG" team. In the Paris club, the football player's game flashed with new bright colors. He became not only an indispensable player, a "conductor" of the central line of the field, but also an original team forward. For two spent seasons in "PSG" Yuri scored 27 goals. Naturally, such a player could not miss the richest Italian clubs, who at that time bought up the best players in the world. In 1996, Djorkaeff became a player of Inter, concluding a four-year contract with the Milan club.

The owner of the team Massimo Moratti soughtmake "Inter" the strongest club not only in Italy. To begin with, it was necessary to win at least something in Europe. To do this, he began to buy packs of the best players in the leading European championships. The team was joined by Christian Wieri, Ronaldo, Djorkaeff.

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But the expected results were not. Winning the UEFA Cup (1999) could not meet the ambitions of the team's management. Heads of the next club coaches were showered, new purchases and sales of players started. Unable to withstand a crazy race, Djorkaeff leaves in a quieter place.

From the 1999/2000 season, he becomes a football player"Kaiserslautern", representative of the German Bundesliga. Having played two full seasons in the championship of Germany (67 matches, 17 goals), he once again decides to change the situation. Now his further career continued on the foggy Albion. In the teams "Bolton" and "Blackburn" Yuri again confirmed his high class player world-class.

Finished his career footballer overseas. Deciding to make money, he moves to the United States. Here, at the MLS club "New York Metrostars", Yuri played two of his last season (45 matches, 12 goals) and threw football boots into the pantry.

So it turned out that Yuri Djorkaeff, biographyand his initial football career did not assume a rapid rise, shone in the best clubs in France, Italy, Germany, England, the United States. An impressive list, is not it?

So what did Yuri Djorkaeff remember? Biography, rating, statistics and human qualities of the player say that it was the brightest representative of the best players of his time. Although he is known to many as an honorary citizen of Armenia, who dreams someday to become the leader of the football team of this country.

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