The article tells about Alexander Galimov - the former hockey player of Yaroslavl "Locomotive". He died tragically after the plane crash. Also known for his playing for the Russian national team.

early years

alexandra halimova

Alexander appeared in the spring of 1985 inYaroslavl. At the age of five he began to practice hockey. Since then, he has been completely focused exclusively on this sport. Parents supported the son in his endeavors, which helped him in the future become a professional, but about everything in order.

The guy was at the Lokomotiv school. The dream of Alexander Galimov was once to get out on the ice in the first team. He understood that it was necessary to work hard for this, and every day he proved in training that he was worthy to be among the best. At thirteen years he began to play for "Lokomotiv-85", with which he won three times the championship of the country in the corresponding age categories.

The young man had high hopes, and thiscould not help noticing in the adult teams of "railwaymen". Already in 2002 he performs regularly for Lokomotiv-2. The team played in the First League, and in 2003 managed to become a winner. The right-handed striker was one of the best in the double, and the following year he began to play for the main line-up. This is how Alexander Galimov began his career. Photos of those times today have become extremely important for his fans.

Performances at the adult level

Alexander Galimov photo

In the life of the athlete there was only one team, inwhich he always wanted to finish his career. It was for her that he began performing from the 2004/2005 season. Despite the fact that Alexander will take part in forty-one games, he will score only one goal. Next year, Galimov goes to a higher level and throws five goals in thirty-five matches.

The 2006/2007 Championship will be one of the best incareer of Alexander Galimov. He will be one of the leading attackers of the "railroad". In fifty-four matches will be able to score the puck sixteen times and give thirteen assists. The next year becomes the last in the Super League for the athlete. From the next season he begins to perform in the elite of Russian hockey - the Continental League.

In 2008, Alexander went on the ice fifty-fivetime and scored fourteen points on the system goal + pass. A year later I was able to improve my performance. Threw thirteen goals and twelve times acted as an assistant.

In the championship 2010/2011 for the last time on the ice as part of the "railroad" Alexander Galimov. The hockey player will die in a plane crash that will also take the lives of other team players.

Performances for the Russian national team

alexander galimov hockey player

In 2005, he was first invited toyouth and immediately went to the world championship. The team confidently reached the finals, where they stumbled. At that tournament, the guy took part in six games and scored one goal.

In 2010 was called under the banner of the first team of the country Galimov. He took part in the Karjala Cup, where he returned home with a silver award. I played in three games, but failed to score goals.

In 2011, Alexander participates in the Hockey Games. Russia again becomes the second. The striker was the main and managed to throw two goals in six fights.


alexander galimov a locomotive

Unfortunately, in one day did not become AlexanderGalimova. Together with teammates and all the personnel of the "Locomotive" he got into an accident. The plane of the team crashed on takeoff. This happened in Yaroslavl. After the fall, the athlete was the only survivor. He was able to get out of the burning ship on his own. Was almost immediately taken to one of the local hospitals. They stated that he had burned ninety percent of the whole body. The hockey player was sent to Moscow so that they could support the medication sleep, in which he was introduced artificially. For five days the doctors fought for his life, however the twelfth of September the young man did not become. He is buried in his native Yaroslavl.

Unfortunately, this is how Alexander Galimov passed away. "Locomotive" after the tragedy gathered a new line-up and continued to perform in the Continental League.

Alas, not all people have life as followsI want to. The hockey player became one of those who were destined to leave this world early. Despite everything, Alexander will always live in the hearts of fans and loved ones, and he is an immortal idol for many young athletes. Such people do not disappear without a trace. Bright memory to him ...

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