Juan Bernat is a Spanish footballer who is in favor ofthe Munich "Bavaria". He is only 23 years old, and at the moment he is considered a very promising player with a great future. Performs Juan Bernat in the position of the left defender, although he can play higher, left in the midfield.

Carier start

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Juan Bernat was born on March 1, 1993 in Spain,where he started playing football. Already at the age of seven he entered the football academy of one of the strongest clubs in Spain, "Valencia", which he represented for eleven years at a youth level in various age categories. In 2011, when the defender turned eighteen, he signed a professional contract with the club, but far from immediately could play in the basis. The first season he spent in the club's double, only occasionally getting into the main team. He appeared on the field only ten times, but already from the next season the young talent became more and more admitted to the base. As a result, in 2013 he already had 25 matches and one goal on his account. Season 13/14 Juan Bernat started as the main player of "Valencia", played 49 games, scoring two goals. Naturally, by this he attracted the attention of scouts from all over Europe, but few thought that the young Spaniard would be able to make such a big leap. In the summer of 2014 Munich Bayern Munich paid ten million euros for him, as new coach Pep Guardiola wanted to use David Alabu in another position. So Bernat moved to one of the strongest clubs in the world.

The game in the "Bavaria"

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At the Munich club Juan Bernat, photoswhich instantly scattered in all the leading sports publications of the world, immediately got into the main line-up: in the first season he played 47 games, having scored one goal. However, the instability of Guardiola is known to everyone, and by 2015 he no longer felt such strong feelings for the young Spanish talent. Therefore, Bernat next season played almost half as many matches - only 27. Both times, "Bayern" won the German Championship, and in 2016 also won in the German Cup. But in the summer of 2016 in the club there was a change of coach, and the new leader of the Munichers Carlo Ancelotti Bernat did not seem to be the player of the base. On the left flank returned the strongest left defender of modernity Alab, and Juan became his changer. In the current season Juan Bernat - a footballer who was predicted a great future in the "Bavaria", went on the field so far only six times, scoring one goal and giving two assists.

National team appearances

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In the national team of Spain, Bernat has not so fara lot of experience. For the first time he was called in October 2014, went out for twenty minutes in a match against the Luxembourg national team and immediately scored a goal. But so far this was the only goal that Juan scored for the national team. From that moment he was called up six more times. The reason for this is not enough frequent performance in the basis of "Bavaria". The last time Bernat was called to the team in September 2015, then he played the entire match against Macedonia. It is rumored that the left-back can follow Josep Guardiola in Manchester City, and if there he can appear more often on the field, then the likelihood that he will again be called to the team will increase significantly.

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