It's no secret that with age there comes a definitea transition period called the middle age crisis. Not everyone values ​​it, especially the strong sex. And in vain, because to prevent the emergence of many problems associated with the beginning of the crisis, it is much easier than to deal with their consequences.

The crisis of middle age in men. Symptoms and signs

middle age crisis in men signs
Such a crisis concerns a predominantly stronghalf of humanity. It is likely that the brightness of the expression of such a crisis is influenced by education, and the level of upbringing, and everyday experience. Many men in these years are trying to look at other life's values ​​with different eyes, are in search of truth and wisdom. No representative of the male half of the population is immune from the fact that he will not be affected by the crisis of middle age. In men, signs of it begin to occur between the thirty and forty years. This is the time when everyone asks himself whether he realized what he planned in his youth, whether plans came true. The crisis of middle age in men, the signs of which can not be unnoticed in a close environment, will be experienced more easily if relatives support it. Psychologists believe that this is nothing but a second transitional age, the main feature of which is a prolonged depressive state.
middle age crisis in men symptoms
The surest sign that the crisis has come -sluggishness, indifference to everything, constant discontent and dissatisfaction with everything. Excessive concern for one's appearance and attempts to make a romance on the side is also a middle-aged crisis in men. His symptoms are more pronounced in them and stronger than in the female half of humanity. Of course, this fact has a reasonable explanation - after giving birth a woman acquires a new social significance, not only on the biological level, but also on the moral level. As for the stronger sex, for them this moment on the path of life does not bring any radical changes. However, the middle age crisis in men, the symptoms of which have been described above, can result in a catastrophe. After an unstable state of mind can affect the relationship with his wife, children, friends, affect the attitude towards work.
Undoubtedly, a bundle and such a phenomenon asmiddle age crisis in women. Symptoms highlight the following: anxiety about the rapid withering, disappointment from unfulfilled expectations, anxious concern about the appearance, fear of losing one's partner.
middle age crisis in women symptoms

Struggling with the crisis

Middle age crisis in men, signswhich may differ from the signs of the same period in the life of women, still overcome. Make it clear to your partner that you are around, spend more time together, sometimes spend time in silence in nature or, conversely, have an active rest. You can come up with a new hobby or sign up for a gym. One way or another, do not leave the problem, deepened in thinking about the meaning of life. Bring in it a fresh stream, and you will have a second wind.

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