If it comes to a city-state,it is difficult to distinguish between its regions. Since February 2007, Monte Carlo is considered an administrative territory and the center of the homonymous commune of the Principality of Monaco. This area of ​​the country is located on the Mediterranean rocky coast, eighteen kilometers from the airport of Nice.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo - the most expensive and exquisitefashionable tourist center of Europe. World fame he won thanks to the magnificent beaches, casinos and rallies. Here is the route of the world famous Formula 1 race at the Monaco Grand Prix. Among other things, Monte Carlo (traveler's testimony confirms this) is a place of aristocrats gathering, so rest here is expensive and fashionable.

The appearance of this area is due to King CharlesThe third, who founded the casino in the place of the present commune in 1865, the prince thus tried to save himself from the impending bankruptcy. To his delight, the casino began to make a fabulous profit, and already in 1870, Carl III not only improved his financial condition, but even abolished taxes for all residents of the state. The casino was named after its creator - "Monte Carlo". Hotels and luxury restaurants still surround the gambling house. The interior decorates the rich halls, excellent art paintings, exquisite frescoes, unique sculptures. In the district are concentrated shops of well-known brands - not in vain this territory is called "golden mile".

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Representatives of a high societyMonte Carlo on private villas and beaches, but there is also the only public beach in Monaco - Larvotto. A favorable climate gives an opportunity to luxuriate in the sun all year round, but for tourists the most favorable time for rest is the period from May to October.

You can spend time in Monte Carlo not only onbeach or in a casino - there are interesting sights for sightseeing. If possible, visit the Japanese Garden and the Church of St. Charles, erected in 1883. Those who revere world art can enjoy regular ballet and theatrical performances, concerts of symphonic and chamber music, opera performances, antiques exhibitions, circus festivals and other cultural events. Also attract tourists the January rally in Monte Carlo and the May Grand Prix of Monaco. And in July-August, in the midst of the tourist season, this part of the country is covered with hundreds of lights - as demonstrated by their programs participants of the festival of fireworks.

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Monte Carlo is also one of the best in the worldmud and thermal baths. To strengthen health resting the unique recreational factors allow: the water saturated with useful compounds, sea air, an abundance of sunny days, and also the developed infrastructure. There is also an active rest. At the disposal of distinguished guests are provided golf courses, tennis courts, squash courts and archery.

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