Turkey is famous for the whole world for its amazingnature, beautiful beaches and picturesque landscapes. Tourists attracted by the mild climate, the opportunity to touch the secrets of ancient cities and the beauty of olive groves, often ask: "Advise a good hotel in Turkey."

the best hotel in Turkey for a holiday with a child

The whole hitch is to givea universal answer to this question is almost impossible, because tastes and financial opportunities are different for all. In addition, someone travels alone and prefers to stay in inexpensive hotels, and someone travels with the whole family, searches for the best hotel in Turkey for a holiday with the child and agrees only with a five-star hotel and a system all inclusive. So, before choosing the right hotel, you need to decide which type of vacation is best for you or your family.

Best hotels in Turkey for holidays

For those who prefer to combine rest withsports, Alanya is a great tourist resort of the Turkish Riviera, located among lemon and orange gardens on the shores of the warm Mediterranean Sea. The main advantage of this resort center is that on its territory cheap and cozy guesthouses perfectly coexist with luxurious complexes. Stopping here, you can try your hand at such extreme sports as trekking, mountaineering and rafting.

best hotels in turkey for holidays

Families traveling with children are trying to findthe best hotel in Turkey for a holiday with a child. Of course, here everything also depends on personal preferences and financial possibilities. But in any case, this should be the most comfortable and safe place for children.

What can be more attractive for children thanlarge, modern amusement park or water park? In this case, the best hotel in Turkey for a holiday with a child is one that is located within walking distance of the most popular amusement parks:

  • The "Tatilya" Park is located near Istanbul andrightly called the best Turkish Disneyland. By its size, it is in the first place in Europe and the fourth in the world. Both children and adults can find entertainment here to their liking.

  • "Akvalend" is a boundless water space andbreathtaking rides. Entertaining slides, a complex of pools for the smallest and a lot of bridges, slides and lakes of various depths. In addition, the most impressive dolphinarium of Turkey "Dolphiland" is located on the territory of "Akvalenda" - a park of sea trained animals.

Advise a good hotel in Turkey
Choosing the best hotel in Turkey for holidays withchild, it is best to pay attention to those of them that have their own beach, and the bottom of the sea is sandy, as many babies do not like a large pebble under bare feet.

Going on holiday in Turkey with children, it is not necessaryforget about the need to put together a first aid kit. Despite the large number of working even at night pharmacies, there can always be problems in choosing medicines, since all the usual medicines are called in this country differently. When traveling with a child, it is better to anticipate all possible surprises in advance and be ready for them.

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