In our life there are three important stages, one ofwhich is the marriage. Only it relates to the individual and personal affairs of every citizen. This is a great sacrament performed between two loving hearts. The choice of your half is difficult, sometimes painstaking. Approach to creating a family is necessary with all responsibility and seriousness.

wedding table decoration

What time of year is better to choose for the celebration?

A wedding in the summer is always convenient indesign, organization and environmental conditions. Every month of the warm season is appreciated by specialists whose activities are connected with the arrangement of such days. If you hold an independent celebration in advance, you need to book both hairdressers and toastmasters, as well as photographers and restaurants. Decorating the table of the newlyweds also requires tremendous effort and creativity. If the bride and groom, avoiding the hassle, decided to seek help from the services, as a rule, they have everything reserved for a while ahead.

Wedding in autumn

Each time of the year is special, so notit is worth chasing after one thing. We will try to expand the boundaries of the vision and present the wedding in other seasons. For example, in the winter it will be possible to make chic and unforgettable pictures of the bride in a white dress in the snow.

wedding in November

Autumn under a multi-colored leaf fallthe most vivid and colorful photos. In addition, the wedding in November, for example, is tireless, and allows you to hold a celebration in comfortable weather conditions without heat. And in the spring, when nature wakes up, the contrasting outfit of the newlyweds will look good against the background of the reviving trees in the rays of the bright sun.

So, the choice of weather conditions is done. Now it's important to apply for the date you chose. This is done easily, the main thing is to book it on time. An important factor is the choice of a specific time. It will depend on the schedule of the day of marriage. In this regard, the selection of a restaurant or cafe should be done as early as possible.

Decor ideas

In modern color industry, many optionsand varieties for decoration of flower compositions. Note, the decoration of the table of the newlyweds, the bouquet of the bride, the boutonniere of the groom should be kept in one style. If the wedding takes place in November, you can adhere to natural shades. Leaves, cones, twigs and sticks will help to translate the idea into reality and carry out the plan. In addition, it will save the budget. And the presence of candles on the guests' tables will add to the atmosphere of mystery and fairy-tale. But you should pay attention to the fact that the dripping wax can damage something. Accuracy in circulation is above all. Partly there is a risk of slight flammability of these items.

flowers on the table for the wedding

Mysteriousness in style will attracta lot of attention and will create a cozy atmosphere for the guests. For such purposes, a hall decorated with a fireplace is suitable. This involuntarily creates an atmosphere of coziness and solemnity. In addition, do not forget about the decorations for the hall. These can be balls, streamers with greetings or posters, as well as the attributes of autumn.

How to decorate a table for a wedding?

Let's talk in detail about the second part of the wedding,which takes place indoors or under a canopy. As a rule, the organizers consider the overall style and color scheme of the whole event. The options can be a lot: from warm pastel colors to bright and colorful. It depends on the preference of the newlyweds.

how to decorate a table for a wedding

As for the autumn theme, you canuse natural shades. To decorate the table of the newlyweds was exquisite, you need to experiment not only with the classic attributes, but also with all kinds of gifts of the forest.


Decoration of the wedding table directly dependsfrom the place of the ceremony. It is necessary to consider the type of serving: an ordinary dinner or a buffet table. One of the easiest and cheapest ways of finishing for tables are festive tablecloths. With the help of elegant draperies, veils and curtains, you can create the right style, emphasize the beauty and sophistication of the holiday. Harmonious selection of fabrics and curtains forms a complete image of the celebration.

decoration of the back of the newlyweds table

Festive napkins can be decorated in the form ofroses and put them in a glass or a cup. Let the little surprise wait for his guest and will please with unusualness. To decorate the plate, which marks the name of the visitor, you can use an apple. To do this, you need to stick into it with a toothpick paper lobe with an inscription. Another napkin can be put on a plate and bandaged with straw or an autumn leaf.

Decoration of the wedding table

Uniform stylistics should be traced everywhere, inthe whole hall and its components. A place for a meal of the brothers themselves is no exception. As a rule, it stands in the center of the hall closer to the back wall. At the entrance to the room, the view usually falls on this part of the decor. Decoration of the background of the newlyweds table is created due to various details and trifles.

How did the ancestors

Our ancestors to the wedding rite werewith all seriousness and celebrated it widely. Most customs have since migrated in our time, for example, the decoration of the table of the newlyweds. The space where there was a place for the meal of the bride and groom was on the dais. This is done so that all guests can see the newlyweds.

The table was decorated with embroidered tablecloths. They were reserved for this celebration. Flowers on the table for a wedding in a vase did not set, but chaotically scattered on the surface next to the festive crockery. Before the newlyweds usually put a large plate, which crosswise put two pieces of rye and a couple of spoons.

holiday wipes

At the middle of the table was set a loaf - modernwedding symbol. He was covered with a pre-prepared towel with sewing, and sometimes a spruce twig was inserted into the center. Some areas of our state used fried chicken as decor of a wedding table. According to the signs, it meant prosperity and fertility.

You can try to embody all the traditions in life,paying tribute to their ancestors. But modern ideas are much more attractive and refined. Although the style, which would combine both that and that, would be quite original.

Once again, the principles of the design of the table:

  • To begin with it is necessary to be defined with the general compositionThe territory where the place for the wedding of the newlyweds will be located. It is necessary to understand the decor and various trifles in order to see how they will look on the background of the entire banquet hall. The color scale, as a rule, should be chosen in advance, so that all elements are in harmony with each other. Most often the choice falls on a white color, which is traditional. However, the use of pastel, cream tones: tender blue, pink, peach or lilac, it is quite possible. It is very important that this combination be in harmony with the suits of the newlyweds.
  • It is necessary not to miss an important detail of the design - wedding textiles. Equally important is the selection of harmonizing fabric elements (tablecloths, tracks, napkins, curtains).
  • Important for table decorationnewlyweds has a floral arrangement. It plays the role of decoration for the refectory place and allocates a zone of newlyweds with ribbons, greens or beads. Flowers are always put on the wedding table. The only thing you should pay attention to is the freshness of all floral arrangements. For example, the lily, orchid, rose, chamomile are stable. They will certainly please with their beauty and freshness even on the hottest day.
  • Now let's pay attention to the background, which will bebe on the wall behind the dining area. This is in part the main element in decoration, since any view of the young will cling to this place. Decoration of the background of the newlyweds' table is an important stage in order to get a beautiful photo session. To avoid glare, and the background was not too bright, the choice should be made in favor of matte surfaces. The style of the whole celebration must necessarily be combined with the back of the table.

festive tablecloths


Always the territory where young people liveduring the banquet celebration, should stand out among the other ornaments. But the combination with the rest of the decor should be in the first place when choosing these differences.

So, no matter what season of the yearcelebration, you need to follow the rules of registration of the whole event as a whole. People often say that the November wedding will attract wealth, and the family will be strong and happy. Happiness is not in money, but without them it is more difficult in the modern world. The main thing in choosing a satellite is mutual feelings, which will help to survive all obstacles on the way to happiness.

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